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Marlou de Kleijn and her TSV 1880 Wasserburg stay undefeated in Germany

Marlou de Kleijn has had a good start of the season with TSV 1880 Wasserburg, averaging 11.9 points, 2.4 rebounds and 2.8 assists in 23 minutes per game and helping her team to reach German League top position and stay undefeated after the first 9 games.

The Dutch guard comes from a great last season with Cadí La Seu in which she averaged 11.4 points and 2.7 rebounds in 27 minutes per game and was a key contributor for the Catalan team to reach the Spanish League Semifinals.

With Wasserburg, Marlou has already won the German Champions Cup after scoring 14 points and dishing 7 assists in a 75-56 win over Royals Saarlouis last September.

Marlou, you are having your first experience playing in Germany after 4 seasons in Spanish Liga Femenina in which you reached twice the Semifinals and improved your game and stats every year.  How you have adapted to this new experience and how are you feeling on the court?

To get adapted in Germany was pretty easy for me. Germany is really similar to Holland and so are the people and lifestyle. Also my team and coaching staff is really nice this season, so that part was not that difficult.

On the other side you also have to adapt to the basketball part. I'm feeling good in the new playing style, specially because of my teammates, they make everything so easy. We play fast, smart and I think for the people who are watching, attractive basketball.

TSV 1880 Wasserburg has really dominated Germany in the last years and since 2004 they have won 9 Leagues and 6 Cups.  Your team is living up to the expectations and is currently the undefeated leader after getting 9 wins in 9 games. What is your impression about this season TSV 1880 Wasserburg and how do you see your role in the team?

We are playing this season all or nothing. We want to win everything and we are working hard for that during the week. Some people think everything happens just out of nowhere for us, but we are definitely working out for it.

We won all our competition games till now and in Eurocup we are 2-1, we lost 1 game unfortunately in overtime. So I can say I'm pretty satisfied, but still a lot to improve before the end of season.

Wasserburg is a really nice club with a lot of nice, hard working people just for basketball because they love it. That's awesome to see! Every home game gives me goosebumps because there are so many people that are really supportive and coming to our games. That feeling can give us wings in the games sometimes and makes us playing even harder and better.

For myself, I think my role is to help the team in offense but also in defense. I improved my game a lot on both sides last seasons and that's paying me of now. I like to defense one of the better players of the other team and see them get frustrated if you play good defense and then use that energy in offense.

After spending your first three months in Germany, probably you can already compare the 1.DBBL and the Spanish Liga Femenina.  Which differences do you find between both leagues?

After playing four seasons in Spain that's a big change, because I really get used to play the Spanish basketball. The game that they are playing here is very different. So what's so different I hear you thinking? That's hard to explain. Some thing I did in Spain are just not working here and I have to find other solutions to score or play good defense.

I think one of the biggest differences is how physical the game is here. My game is also very physical so I like it. After a long time in Spain you know most of the players and how they play and what they can do. Here everybody is new for me so that's also a big challenge, every game you have to be focused again who is in front of you.

TSV 1880 Wasserburg has also had a good start in Eurocup, easily defeating Hungarian team Pinkk Pécsi 424 at their home court and getting also a valuable win against Italian team Reyer Venezia. The score would be perfect if it wasn´t for a tough overtime loss at home against French team Nantes Rezé in a thrilling match.
What is your opinion about these first three games in Eurocup and how do you feel going into the next few games that will decide who will qualify for the next round?

I'm really happy how we are competing in Eurocup. Our start was great, despite of our overtime loss of course... We have a really good team, but our 'problem' is when we have a Eurocup game we have to switch. We win the games in Germany pretty easy but in Eurocup it's a different story. To make the switch between these two competitions is hard.

We proved in the first quarter of the season that we are able to do that so I am really hopeful for the next three games that are coming, one home and two away games. We really want to go to the next round, so better watch out for us!

How have you adapted to the city of Wasserburg and to the German life style?

Wasserburg is a really small and cute city. I am coming from three years in La Seu d'Urgell so that's not really new for me. It's really beautiful here with the river and colourful buildings.

Like I said before life is pretty similar here as home, although here they drink a lot more beer! Also the language is similar, I understand a lot without even taking lessons.

And last but not least, I see my family and boyfriend a lot, because it's closer, so that makes me a lot less homesick and really happy.

Marlou de Kleijn with TSV Wasserburg in German Champions Cup 2015

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