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Marlou De Kleijn: “I’m so proud of my team”

Marlou De Kleijn and Tiina Sten with their TSV 1880 Wasserburg have been crowned the German First Division League Champions after overwhelmingly defeating TV Saarlouis Royals (81-49) in the third game of the final.

It has been an incredible season for Marlou, for Tina and for their TSV 1880 Wasserburg as they have had a perfect record of 34 wins in 34 games and they are the German SuperCup, Cup and First Division League Champions.

Congratulations to both!

We speak with Marlou De Kleijn after her victory against TV Saalouis Royals:

Marlou, you have had an impressive season in Wasserburg being The German SuperCup Champion, the German Cup Champion and the German League Champion and with a perfect record of 34-0. What is your impression of this 2015-16 season?

I think we did an awesome job as a team. Of course it was our goal to win the championship plus cup and we also talked about being undefeated, but it's easy to talk about that stuff. The hard part is really doing it, but we did it.

I'm so proud on our team we always kept this goal in mind and stayed focussed.

On a personal level, you have done a great job contributing with solid stats (13.1ppg, 2.5rpg, 2.6apg, 1.6spg) and being the starting guard. How have you felt on the court?

I'm very happy with the season I had personally. I think I played with way more confidence then the years before and that's very positive for me. I hope I can develop like this.

It was my first eurocup season and it went well. Of course we wanted to make the second round, we were so close, but not close enough.

Your TSV Wasserburg have been crowned the German First Division League Champion after overwhelmingly defeating TV Saarlouis Royals (81-49) in the final. What is your impression about this Final and how did your team play?

Saarlouis is a very good team and it wasn't that easy as it was the rest of the season. The first game was very close, but we kept our heads cool and took the game over the last few minutes. I think everybody was nervous and Saarlouis was ready to beat us.

The second game you could see everybody know what to expect and we did way better. It was an away game in a full Saarlouis gym and that's never easy, but we were never in danger in that game.

The last game was just amazing and we played like we used to play. A full home gym for the championship, that's what everybody wants no? We gave everything for this last game and I think you can see that in the final score haha.

As usual TSV Wasserburg's gym was full. What do you feel after winning your first German League in front of supporters like that?

It was amazing. One of the best feelings after a game I ever had. The supporters are just amazing. I can't describe how this helps you during the game. Every game it makes me happy if its full again and brings a lot of extra energy.

I'm happy we can give them a championship as a reward for all their support.

Some of Marlou De Kleijn's best actions with TSV 1880 Wasserburg 2015-16 can be watched in the following video:

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