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María Asurmendi: We have worked very hard for playoff

The player María Asurmendi that is playing with CB Conquero Huelva Wagen has achieved his first season with his team, finishing the regular season in third place and qualify for the playoffs in being the best season ever the club.

María Asurmendi continues to progress both in game and in responsibility and direction thereof. Proof of this are his 4.3 assists per game that make it the best player in the league giving assists. In addition to his 7.4 points and 2.8 rebounds giving it a score of 11 in the minutes that gives Gabriel a game.

We talked to María Asurmendi when there are several days for the second playoff game to face his current team the CB Conquero Huelva Wagen against second placed Spar Citylift Girona at the Andres Estrada.

You have finished the regular phase of the Women's League with a record of 18 wins and 8 losses. This I placed third in the classification and ye have completed the best season in club history. How would you describe the regular season of the league?

It was a historic season for the club and for most players. It is true that many of us have ever lived a similar situation, but I think they have been neither intensity nor so much emphasis on the team.
We finished with 18 wins and although at the end of the regular season we have taken a small downturn, work and duties were made.
This last stage has been more difficult for long journeys and the large number of miles and hours of bus. It has been noticed quite tired.

Still, have been shown to have worked very hard for the first playoff game. We were very comfortable on the track and facing the second going back to be.

It has been a very good season collectively and individually is also being a very important season in your growth as a player. You're one of the holders player and on which rests the responsibility of the team in every game. What do you think has been your evolution within the team this year?

At the end is always more important collective rather than individual performance. Sounds a bit atopic but it's true because although there are many players on a team that give a high individual performance that results may not be the best.

The good thing Conquero this year was that all have done a good job. That has allowed the team collectively this content and has achieved great results like the stubborn position in the league and second in the Cup of Queen.

After the 26 days that lasted the regular season have achieved the third position which gives you the opportunity to play the playoff. According to the results, I have had bite to Spar Citylift Girona with which you have already played the first match last Sunday. The result was very tight throughout the encounter but ultimately failed to achieve victory by just 4 points (56-52). How to face this second match will take place at the Andres Estrada?

Sensations and forecasts are a little we had. We knew it was going to be a very tough and very physical elimination.

Girona is a step above ours. It is a very powerful with two amazing players like Vanessa Gidden and Ify Ibekwe who are making a ten-team season. Directed by Noe and seconded by Chambers Carbo and form a quintet very difficult to stop. But knowing we compete and we already demonstrated in the league and in the first semifinal which we have only lost 4 difference.

The second league match in the Estrada was a very competitive game for 30-33 minutes in which the end they were tightened and won 15. But this semifinal will be back to play at home will not the same.

I'm very happy how the team plays on Sunday. I know we can put things very difficult. True, it will be difficult to win but we will put 200% to force a third party and why not try a surprise. We are correcting details and at home we want to win.

Personally, this year you are doing some very good numbers with 7.5 points, 2.8 rebounds and 4.3 assists per game and you're the player who gives more assists League. For the team this should be a privilege and although Gabriel also, what affects more technical aspects to best?

As a player I can only thank Gabriel confidence you have in me. Basically, the player grows with the ball, confidence and experience that will give you the play and learn more about the league.

People who know me know I'm not a player who thinks in statistics. I always try to bring in all facets and grow season after season. Above all, try to contribute for the team to grow with me. Well there it is where the key is.

Personally, I have a lot to still improve such as face over the rim or be a little more selfish. Every game characteristics and demands you have to take the plunge into my head to know adapt to the needs of both the match and the rival, albeit complicated. Over the years and the seasons I'm taking more maturity and hope this does not stop.

In Conquero I am delighted and is still an incredible season I hope that we can finish well. While Conquero wins and things go well I'll always be happy.

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