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María Asurmendi is preparing the new season with CB Conquero

Spanish point guard María Asurmendi is already preparing the 2014/15 season with CB Conquero and ready for the new challenge in Spanish top division.

María Asurmendi is definitely one of the best Spanish spanish point guards and has big experience in Spanish Top division. 

Last season, Maria averaged 8.2 points, 2.5 assists and +10.3 efficiency for Cadi - ICG Software , being the third best spanish point guard in evaluation in the whole competition.

María Asurmendi speaks with us about her first weeks with CB Conquero and her expectations for the season:

Last season ended with Cadi La Seu in late March and in May you participated in the Challenge Women's League - Women's League 2 What have you done since then and how it has been the summer of María Asurmendi?

Since the end of the season have been five long months, as you say the last game was the Challenge disputé LF-LF2. And from there, I guess like everyone else, trying to unwind, relax and maintain the best possible physical condition. Basically what I have is dedicated to rest, train, go to the gym and do a little track, guess what everyone does in summer.

The truth is that it is complicated because it is time consuming and ultimately not have the level of demand that have throughout the season.

After five years of stability in Pamplona ended in 2013 with the demise of elite female basketball, you start in Huelva which is your sixth experience outside Navarra. What is the best thing you've found in every city and club for those who have passed?

I've been through many different sites, such as Bilbao, Burgos, Vilagarcía de Arousa where I spent two years, after the step of Pamplona, last year in La Seu and this begins in Huelva.

Irish Bilbao was incredible for me because it was my first experience away from home and that was it taught me to play on a professional team, dedicating to train and study changing environment and knowing what was out on the road. Bilbao was important for me because I also met people for life and was a very cool year.

That year allowed me to go to Burgos, which was my first experience in Women's League where I also met Evaristo Pérez who first trusted me to play there and also in a great team with which were third.

In Arousa with Extrugasa I spent two years, so if you repeat team is because you've been very good, it is a quiet place with very friendly people.

Last year at La Seu was a bit like the first year I left home because I had several years in Pamplona with what that means. Taking the step to get back out made me hard, but I adapted pretty well, people in the team helped me greatly and surprised me because the site is in an amazing setting and met a lot of things.

And this year, we are here in Huelva where they still know little about the city, but I think it is totally opposed to all the places I've been before, being in the South with a totally different climate. We'll see what brings me in recent months.

You come from a very solid season Cadi ICG Software has reaffirmed you even more as one of the best Spanish bases. What role do you expect to have in the CB Conquero and what your goals on a personal level?

Every season is different, last year I adapted very well to the team of La Seu, and although collectively we looked a little sparse the result we expected, personally I think I stepped forward.

But in the end what matters are the collective results, so this year hopefully if things go well, the team can put together some great performance.

Personally I try to always give one hundred percent and grow a little more each day as a player. It is also clear that the experience is a plus and each passing year you catch more experience, which I hope to bring in Conquero collectively be a great season.

You've been in Huelva few weeks training with the team and preparing for the new and exciting season. How are you living the preseason team and what are your first impressions of the city?

All are tough preseason. We have spent many months off without training to the level required to be competing in Women's League and while you work in the summer is always hard to return to work.

I think we are working well and hard, but are getting a bit complicated the first few weeks until all the whole team, very physical load.

Everyone is working flat out and that's what it is, start taking physical form and then gradually move collectively and to get to the first league game with the best feelings.

And as the city of Huelva, is the opposite of what I experienced last year in La Seu was a smaller and much cooler town here when I have not known much but southern cities have a twist that I hope to meet you throughout the season.

On Tuesday you played against Dynamo Kursk in the first game of the season. A tough game for the rival company and the different point of the season in which you are the two teams. How did you live the first game with a new team?

Yes, last week we were able to play the first preseason game, which is appreciated after much training, and as you say the opponent was a great team.

What is is going to catch feelings and the team feel like a team thing when you have so little time together and are starting something new always costs.

So the feelings are positive left the game because for that short time we have been pretty good and we conjuntarnos always thinking it's a starting point and there are many things to work on and improve.

Gabriel Carrasco said that prospects can not be other than those of competing at the highest level since the first day. In a league that seems to be quite open, where do you think that will be the key to score victories?

In this league make up your mind where you are staying as to classification is a bit complicated, well it has been shown in recent years that the results are unpredictable, that whenever the parties are much more competitive and that any team can win to anyone.

It is true that in recent years the league has always been governed by the hegemony of Ros Casares, Salamanca and Rivas, but see what happens this year because many teams want to be up there competing and that is what we will try.

Do not think you can tell where we should be in the classification, the important thing is to work to the fullest every day, compete and see how far the team.

About where they will be the keys to winning matches what I believe is that all parties join and every game is important. I can not tell where the key is. There is more to work and compete every game as Gabriel said.

Despite the lack of women's basketball elite level clubs in Navarra, César Rupérez is in China and the selection and your partner for many years, Naiara Díez, returns to the Women's League with Gernika., How it will be back to play her?

A pity that the draft UNB disappear in Pamplona, because there are people dedicated to basketball deserves to have that possibility as César Rupérez who coached many years there UNB and other clubs Navarra, we are fortunate that it is going too far as coach and that is an honor for us.

As Naiara Díez, I have met her many years and is a great friend. I am delighted because they have this opportunity to be in women's league after the great year they did last year she and her team again, and this season they have built a very competitive team and will be a very difficult pitch to win .

I am very happy for her and I hope it goes smoothly.

Finally, make a wish for this season

What I have been discussing earlier, continue to grow as a player steps forward to achieve something as a team and that is what I most want. Able to get something at a collective level course and hopefully it here in Huelva, of course.

You can learn more about María Asurmendi watching the following video with some of the best stocks of the 2013-14 season:

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