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María Asurmendi and Luci Pascua have been crowned the Spanish Queen’s Cup

María Asurmendi and Luci Pascua, with their C.B. Conquero Huelva, have been crowned the Spanish Queen's Cup Champions after winning the Final against all odds against the strong Perfumerías Avenida (52-60)

For both the Navarra point guard and for the Catalan post player, it is their second year playing with Huelva's club. Last season was also a great year, with the club reaching the Final of the Queen's Cup and the Semifinal of the Spanish First Division League.

Luci Pascua already knows what it means to win this competition because she achieved it in the 2011-12 season playing with Perfumerías Avenida. For María Asurmendi, this is her first major title.

Congratulations to both!

We speak with them after C.B. Conquero Huelva's win:

Your team defeated the powerful Perfumerías Avenida (52-60) in the Final of the Spanish Queen's Cup. What were the keys for winning the game?

M: The key was being a team for the forty minutes. We were a solid group from the beginning until the final and that helped us achieve the win. I believe that our strongest point was being together; cheering each other on, forgetting the individuals and contributing in whatever aspect of the game, and just thinking for the team.

L:  I think that against Salamanca it is so important to protect the ball. They are intense on defense so that provokes a lot of steals and they try to run the fastbreak at every little chance. Furthermore, Perfumerías Avenida is an athletic and fast team so it is crucial to be focused on defense so that they can't score easy baskets. We were able to do this during the Final and we have brought the Spanish Queen's Cup to Huelva.

The game was matched until the last quarter, where in the last two minutes, your team scored 0-7. What was your favourite moment of the game?

M: My favourite moment was, without doubt, the final siren. It was an explosion of joy when I saw my team defeating Perfumerías Avenida in the Final of the Queen's Cup. We started to jump, hug and yell of happiness.

L: Clearly, the last two minutes of the game were my favourites because I saw that it was impossible for them to come back and that gives you an inexplicable rush.

A few hours after achieving the Spanish Queen's Cup and with time to come to terms with this important win, what does it mean for you to hold this Cup?

M: For me this Queen's cup is worth all the work of so many years and because both last season and the current season, we are playing so well. We deserved this Cup because last year we lost it by such a small margin!

L: This Cup is the award of so much work, effort and a lot of hours by van! The thing that we did is a great feat and so good both for the team and for the city.

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