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Maikel Lopez signs in Hungary with Aluinvent DVTK Miskolc

Spanish coach Maikel López has just signed with hungarian team Aluinvent DVTK Miskolc, which will play FIBA Cup, MEL and Hungarian League.

Currently, Maikel López was having an extraordinary season with C.B.Islas Canarias, tied with Rivas Ecópolis in the 2nd position of Spanish League and qualified for the Queen Cup.

With almost no time to celebrate the New Year, Maikel will fly from Gran Canaria in the morning of Janaury the 1st, on his way to his new professional challenge.

In Miskolc, Maikel López will find a raising club and will also have a nice starting five with players like Helena Sverrisdottir, Brittaney Raven, Liene Jansone or Becca Tobin.

He will also continue his work with high level prospects, this time with Débora Dubei, who was selected in the best 5 in the last U16 European Championship.

Only two weeks after his arrival, Maikel will play the FIBA Cup Top 16 against powerhouse Istanbul Universiti, team with big stars at this level like Crystal Langhorne, Shenise Johnson, Gabriela Marginean, Melisa Can and some good other players like Liron Cohen, Tugba Palazoglu o Nilay Kartaltepe.

In Hungarian League, Maikel will have an important challenge since that apart from traditionally favourite Sopron, there are other good rosters like PEAC Pecs or PINKK Pecs, also with a good spanish coach like Roberto Hernández.

From RegeneracomSports we want to congratulate Maikel López for this new professional experience abroad and we are happy to export some of our best coaches.

Maikel Lopez is a Spanish coach with a long experience in both men and women basketball, who is currently ranked in 3rd position in the Spanish LF with the CB Islas Canarias, with whom has also won multiple Spanish championships.

After several years in the youth categories on other clubs , Maikel Lopez joined CB Islas Canarias in the 1999-2000 season, successfully carrying different youth teams and heading the LF2 team during the 2002-2003 season, reaching the playoffs for promotion and ending in third place.

In the 2003-04 season, Maikel takes over the team of LF , reaching the finals of Queen's Cup and the Top 16 in the FIBA Cup.

In the 2004-05 re- rated the team for the Queen's Cup , finished sixth in the league again and dispute FIBA Cup.

In the 2005-06 and 2006-07 seasons, Maikel qualified the LF team for the playoffs for the title, guided the team to the Top16 FIBA Cup and also rised the second team of the club from 1st National to LF2.

The 2007-08 season is the last of his first stage in the CB Islas Canarias, coucting the team to the sixteenth finals of FIBA Cup.

Maikel Lopez returns to women's basketball in the 2009-10 and 2010-11 seasons to sign for Torpan Pojat of the first Finnish division and getting the second position on the league and Cup.

In the 09/10 season, Maikel became the Champion of the Finnish League with Torpan Pojat.

Maikel returns to C.B. Islas Canarias (LF) in the 2011-12 season finishing in sixth place and playing a magnificent FIBA Cup in which the team reached the quarter -finals , after eliminating Besiktas of Vandersloot, Kostin and Hoffman in the 1/8 finals.

In the 2012-13 season , Maikel repeated in Canarias , finishing in seventh place with a very young team and without an American players.

Currently, in the 2013-14 season, the CB Islas Canarias has its best season in years and has ended the first round with a record of 8 wins and 3 losses , tied for second place with Rivas Ecopolis, defeating Perfumerías Avenida in their court and qualifying for the Queen´s Cup.

During his years in CB islas Canarias, Maikel Lopez has coached some of the best young players in Europe as Leonor Rodriguez, Yurena Diaz, Astou Ndour , Leticia Romero and Iris Junio.

In youth categories he has won 7 Spanish championships, 2 Spanish  Championships Runner-up and dozens of Gran Canaria and the Canary Islands Championships.


2002-03 Head Coach C.B.Islas Canarias (Spain-LF2) / Assistant Coach LF1

2003-04 Head Coach C.B. Islas Canarias (Spain-LF1 / FIBA Cup)

2004-05 Head Coach C.B. Islas Canarias (Spain-LF1 / FIBA Cup)

2005-06 Head Coach C.B. Islas Canarias (Spain-LF1 / FIBA Cup)

2006-07 Head Coach C.B. Islas Canarias (Spain-LF1 / FIBA Cup)

2007-08  Head Coach C.B. Islas Canarias (Spain LF1 / FIBA Cup)

2009-10 Head Coach Torpan Pojat (Finland D1) - men and women

2010-11 Head Coach Torpan Pojat  (Finland-D1) - men

2011-12 Head Coach C.B. Islas Canarias (Spain-LF1 / FIBA Cup)

2012-13 Head Coach C.B. Islas Canarias (Spain-LF1)

2013-14 Head Coach C.B Islas Canarias (Spain-LF1)


1 Men Finnish League Finalist
1 Men Finnish Cup Finalist
1 Women League Championship
4 times qualified for Queen´s Cup
3 times qualified for Spanish League Playoffs
1 FIBA Cup Final (Assistant Coach)
1 Qualification for Spanish LF2 Playoffs
1 Qualification for Spanish D3 Playoffs
7 times Spanish Club Champion
2 times Spanish Club Finalist
1 time 3rd position in Spanish Club Championship
19 times Canary Islands Champion
3 times Canary Islands province head coach

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