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Maikel López, Coulibaly and Ciappina, Finalists in Hungarian Cup

Aluinvent DVTK Miskolc with our coach Maikel Lopez and players Naigmouna Coulibaly and Romina Ciappina have won the Silver Medal in Hungarian Cup after losing in the final against powerful Euroleasing Sopron 87 to 58.

Miskolc reached the Final after very touth quarter final win against PEAC Pecs (ranked 2nd)  90-73 and in semifinals against Györ 89 to 67.

Naigmouna Coulibaly has shown the best of her game with 23 points 14 rebounds and +33 efficiency against PEAC and 22 points 10 rebounds and +29 efficiency in 24 minutes against Györ.

We spoke with Maikel after his second Hungarian Cup:

After victory in the quarterfinals against PEAC Pecs by 73-90 and 89-67 semi-final against Györ by, you've managed to reach the Final in which you had to see the faces with Sopron is by far the team's budget of the competition. How have you lived matches since the start of the Cup?

Cup here in Hungary is a very famous and very booming competition.

We had high hopes and high expectations. We had two full weeks working alone to win.

In the quarterfinals we had to play against the second and third in the regular season. We were aware of the difficulty of the encounters, besides knowing that if we lost were leaving for home as the cup is round.

In the first meeting we were able to make a small difference in the tempo that was the key to victory. The score was very spacious and set in the early stages of the match. It was not until the second quarter when we managed to open a small gap on the scoreboard break up putting us in April. The rhyme was exciting. Just start the third period they were able to rise above our (+3), but the tempo mark from minute one step invoice them as the minutes passed since, got cancel your attack.

Our good defense coupled with our inside game and our pace of play, were the keys to success.

You played the Final against Sopron but couldn´t compete and lost 87-58. How did Maikel live this final?

We were aware that Sopron was the strongest opponent of the competition. An opponent who has only lost one game and has passed over many or almost all. We were coming besides having a very complicated picture while they had a simpler and more affordable due to its potential.

In the game, there has been much fatigue addition, lower second base that we had also diminished us. They were much higher and have passed us by. They were just champions.

On the other hand, keep in mind that for us this tournament has been very important. One of our goals was to reach semifinals and dream bronze, so getting silver has been an incredible thing.

This has also helped us to give us wings and moral facing the playoffs and to know that we are a team that can go far. We already have the mind focused on the bottom rung of the regular season.

Now, only keep dreaming on each target and each challenge and try to get us working basis in the semifinals of the title. Once there repeat another final but we will try to take another step and get it.

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