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Maikel López and Tina Jovanovic have been crowned the Hungarian Cup Champions

Maikel López and Tina Jovanovic with their Aluinvent DVTK Miskolc, haven been crowned the Hungarian Cup Champions after winning the Final against all odds, defeating the strong Uniqa Sopron (69-60)

Maikel arrived to Miskolc in January of 2014 and since then he has converted his team into one of the strongest of Hungary, getting great results. Last season, he had a good year reaching the Cup Final and the League Final. This current year, he has already qualified for the Eurocup quarter-finals, and has just won the Cup.

Aluinvent DVTK Miskolc has Tina Jovanovic as a key player averaging 12.4 points, 7.5 rebounds and +16.3 efficiency. With her contributions, Miskolc remains the only undefeated squad in Eurocup and were winners of the 2016 Hungarian Cup.

Congratulations to both!

We speak with Maikel after his victory against Uniqa Sopron:

Maikel, after defeating ZTE-NKK, Uni Gyor and, in the Cup Final, the powerful Uniqa Sopron (69-60), what is your impression about this Cup and how did your team play it?

My impression is positive, I must say that when I got here two and a half years ago, my team was in a difficult situation being seventh in the league and after so many hours working both, on the court and outside with scoutings, we have achieved our first title, so I can say that when this season will finish we will end the first cycle satisfactorily.

My team played well, the first game we won by so many points, the Semifinal was difficult because Uni Gyor has a well-rounded roster but my team was able to impose a high rhythm throughout the entire game, trying to make their four star players tired.

Regarding the final, I must say that I am happy because Uniqa Sopron has the best roster in Hungary and despite that, my team was brave and fought hard. I am satisfied because they knew how to apply everything that I had explained in the morning during the scouting, and we won.

Uniqa Sopron is a strong team because of their well-rounded roster including Katalin Honti, Devereaux Peters, Iva Ciglar, Sara Krnjic, Aleksandra Crvendakic, etc. What were the keys for winning the game?

I think that the key was that all tactics worked well, we were so focused on defense, we put traps in situations where they usually were very comfortable, we were able to stop their fast break game and make them play longer, in fact they only ran on us once throughout the match and thanks to all this, we had great defense where we ended the first quarter with only eight points against us.

This as well as more than 2900 people cheering us on, ended up being very difficult for them to beat us.

Your team had a great first quarter and since then they controlled the timing and the score. What was your favourite moment of the game?

The best moment of the game was the start, my players went to play one hundred per cent focused and followed all the commands that I gave them before. Once we broke the score, we were able to control the rhythm of the game and the result until the end of the last quarter, where they came close. So for me that was the key moment because my players were able to stand firm, to control the nerves in all actions and to make the free throws that gave us the victory.

A few hours after achieving the 2016 Hungarian Cup and with time to come to terms with this important win, how does it feel after winning a Cup in front of your supporters and having them chanting your name?

The fact that they chant my name is not new, they started that last season after every final that we played and this current year they haven't stopped to chant it, they have done it in all the games! Obviously, I am very thankful and honoured about that.

Regarding us winning the Cup in our home court was something really great. Like I said before, there were more than 2900 people cheering us on and that was special. Also I wanted to win a Cup because it was the only title that I didn't already have in my career.

In the following video you can see how Miskolc's fans chant "Maikel López":

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