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Maikel López and his Aluinvent Miskolc qualified to round of eight in Eurocup

Spanish coach Maikel López and his Aluinvent Miskolc have had a spectacular start to Eurocup and after yesterday's win against Lulea BBK by 90 to 72, they stay undefeated in the competition and qualified to round of eight.

Aluinvent Miskolc has a record of 8 wins in 8 games in regular season against Valosun KP Brno, Orange Blizzards and Dike Napoli, and in the round of 16's knockout to the Swedish Lulea BBK.

Aluinvent Miskolc coached by Maikel López has Tina Jovanovic as a key player, she averaged 8.9 points and 5.1 rebounds per game in 17.9 minutes and contributed to her Miskolc remains the only undefeated squad in this European competition.

We speak with Maikel after his victory against Lulea BBK:

Maikel, in the regular season your team won Valosun KP Brno, Orange Blizzards and the strong Dike Napoli. How have been these first games?

Our team never had any easy game in the regular season.

Czech Valosun Brno was a team who liked to run and impose high rhythm during the entire game.

Dutch Orange Blizzards was a unique team because the majority of their players had the same size, so all of them could create difficulties to us.

Last one was the Italian Dike Napoli, they were the favourite team who had great players, (3 of them play in WNBA) and so complete. We did good scouting and a good game plan so we could control both games and win them.

I can say that my team made a step forward after achieve the important win in Italy.

One of the key players of this pole position in the regular season and qualified to the round of 16 of Eurocup was Tina Jovanovic, averaging 8.9 points and 5.1 rebounds in 17.9 minutes. What is her role and which game aspects is she contributing to the team?

Tina is an exceptional player, worker and a good professional. In the last years she has improved her outside range shot, and she is able to play well a one and one next to the rim and also she runs so good the fastbreak.

It is so difficult to find players that can control many game aspects like her, this is the reason that I consider her as one of the European players with a positive future.

In my team all players are important and I like all of them contributing to the game. Tina is playing well when she is on the court and I am so happy with her.

Aluinvent Miskolc has won the knockout round of 16 with great credit winning to the Swedish Lulea BBK by 86-62 in the first game and 90-72 in the second game. What is your impression about this knockout?

Looking at the results seems that the knockout was easy but the reality is that both games against Lulea BBK were difficult, because they were a balanced team.

Lulea's style was playing with four players open and with a lot of spaces, things that don't bode well with my team. On our side, we knew that our advantage was in the inside game, so we used this and we ended up controlling both games.

After winning the 8 games played and be the only team undefeated in Eurocup, what is your opinion of this European competition?

I have been playing 12 years in this competition and I can say that year after year the level of basketball has improved. It is a very attractive league and a good incentive is that you face, every week, against a team with a totally different playing style. Every week is a challenge!

The next rival in Eurocup for Aluinvent Miskolc will be the Czech Nymburk. How do you think it will be the next knockout game and what are your expectations for the rest of the competition?

Nymburk is a solid, complete and consistent team, who has good players able to create a lot in the game.

I am pleased to have the second game at home as it will be key for us, we have great supporters who cheer us on until the end and that will be a decisive factor.

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