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Luci Pascua: We worked hard to deserve to compete in the Playoffs

International Spanish pivot Luci Pascua is disputing with CB Conquero Huelva Wagen his first season.

Luci has achieved with his team finished the regular season in third place and qualify for the playoffs. It is still the best season in club history.

The Catalan has with great experience in Spanish Women's League, Cup and Euroleague and FIBA Who has played 196 games with Spanish National Team Being right now the 2nd spanish player with more games with National Team and the 8th in history.

Luci Pascua is having a great season with 6.6 points and 6 rebounds with 7.8 per game.

We talked to Luci Pascua absence of several days for the second playoff game. The game will match your current team CB Conquero Huelva Wagen against second placed Spar Citylift Girona in Andrés Estrada.

This season, have proven to be some of the toughest opponents. Therefore, have the service the third position, with a record of 18 wins and 8 losses. They give you options to fight for being the winners of the regular season. What value does this season?

Generally the season is very good, and we had qualified for the cup of Queen 3 days before finishing the first round of the playoffs and, mathematically, 2 days before finishing the league.

Any one of us would have signed anything. It is true that we have had tough times and fatigue with long trips. But as a team we have been able to endure and recover sensations to be 100% in the playoff.

It would be impossible to put a but in our season. What comes next is a prize that we have earned with hard work and effort.

Personally, this is your first season at the club and your first year as coach, Gabriel Carrasco. What things Gabriel asks you to contribute to the team and what affects more details you need to improve?

Gabriel's asking me what is defense and rebounding. Much emphasis on mobility within me to believe that, although measured 1'96, I'm more mobile than they think and I can give more speed to the team play.

You're a player with many awards in your sports career. This year you keep adding as it is still a great season for your new club, Club Basketball Conquero. But what do you think he has contributed to Conquero Luci and who believes he has evolved as a player?

I think the team I brought him, experience and vision. Besides, some tactical issues such as defense of the largest players of the other team and intimidation in the area.

My evolution as a player has been in maturity, go learning not frustrated or angry for failures. But keep trying, nevertheless.

It's easy when you have a team like that.

After the 26 days that lasted the regular season you have managed to reach the third position in the table gives you the opportunity to play the playoffs. At the junction of semifinals ye confront your face Spar Citylift opponent Girona already know after 3 games in which you have faced them, counting both league and Cup. In addition, two separate results league as the only Cup have been the more even giving options for both teams to get the win. How do you see the semifinal?

I see a difficult semifinal, where we have to be very concentrated and make the minimum possible errors if we have any chance.

No match we've played against them will have anything to do with what we live in the playoff.

With respect to what we were talking earlier, you're a player with many awards for both the triumphs achieved with all your equipment as those achieved with the selection. But of all the victories, trophies and awards he has won in different games and championships, what time was the thing you remember most fondly and excitement?

I remember everything I've played with special affection, some things more than others, obviously.

But, perhaps because I have more recent and still sets my hair stand on end, remember well the league championship we won in Salamanca with two free throws to overcome time. It was like a final film, of which end with happy ending.

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