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Lucas Mondelo signs with Dynamo Kursk

Our coach and Spanish national team head coach Lucas Mondelo has just signed with Dynamo Kursk for the 2016-17 season, joining one of the most potent teams of Europe and current Russian Cup Champions.

With his signing, Lucas will return with an outstanding squad to Euroleague, the European top competition of which he already won in the 2010-11 season.

Congratulations to Lucas Mondelo and to Dynamo Kusk!

Dynamo Kursk is signing a competitive force that has achieved great success in all programs where he has been head coach. Lucas will be the definitive piece that will push them to improve and finally win big titles for one of the richest squads of the continent.

Lucas´ career is infinite and he has already won a Euroleague, a Spanish League, a Spanish Queen's Cup against the best history team, two Spanish SuperCup, three Chinese Leagues, a European SuperCup, a Gold Medal in the European Championship of 2013, a Silver Medal in the World Championship of 2014 and a Bronze Medal in the European Championships in 2015. In addition to all of that, he has won medals with Spanish Young National Teams to stand out the Gold Medal in the U20 European Championship of 2011 and the Silver Medal in the U19 World Championship of 2009.

Lucas Mondel returns to Euroleague and will coach Dynamo Kursk this 2016-17 season:

Lucas Mondelo, the biggest winner in Europe and Asia, in the following video you can check his incredible CV: 

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