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Lucas Mondelo signs in China with Shanxi Xing Rui Flame

Lucas Mondelo, Spanish National Team Coach, has signed through Lluis Túnez a lucrative contract with Shanxi Xing Rui Flame in the Chinese WCBA with Prodep´s approval.

Lucas, apart from being the most successful coach in Europe in the last two years, becomes now one of the top paid coaches in World women basketball and together with Maya Moore, who also signed with Shanxi, will lead the team in their first WCBA season.

César Rupérez, who has just signed with RegeneracomSports, will also sign with Shanxi as Assistant Coach and will help Lucas as he already did last summer in the Spanish U20 National Team winning the Gold Medal in the European Championship.

The signing of Lucas in Shanxi started once Perfumerías Avenida Salamanca and Lucas decided not to continue their professional relation for the 2012-13 season.

The Spanish Basketball Federation allowed Lucas to coach at Club Level and this together to the impressive Curriculum Vitae or Lucas motivated Shanxi (after receiving the option to sign Lucas Mondelo from Lluis Tunez through his partner in China) to make a good offer for the successful Spanish coach.

Negotiations were handled quickly and with everybody´s approval the deal was signed, that we hope that will bring a lot of success to everybody.

It is good to remember that Lucas Mondelo was Euroleague Champion in 2011, Spanish League Champion in 2011, Spanish Super Cup Champion in 2011, U20 European Champion in 2011, Spanish Cup Champion in 2012,  European Super Cup Champion in 2012, Spanish Super Cup Champion in 2012 and Qualified for the 2013 European Championship.

After last season playoffs, Shanxi moved to WCBA and their first move was to sign Maya Moore, 2012 Euroleague Champion with Ros Casares, 2011 WNBA Champion and 2011 WNBA Draft 1st pick.

The signing of Maya Moore will help to the WCBA exposure, together with another big signing as it has been the Australian Elizabeth Cambage.

Neither Maya or Lucas will be the first mediatic signins in the Shanxi area.  Stephon Marbury also signed in Shanxi between 2009 and 2010, even there is not a direct relation between the male and the female club.

Lucas Mondelo and César Rupérez will travel to Taiyuan to join the Club in September the 1st, playing their first game in October the 24th.

The WCBA playoffs will finish at the end of February, date in which the first stage of Lucas in China will finish.

All the best for Lucas and César in their first professional season outside Spain.

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