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Lucas Mondelo, Leonor Rodríguez and César Rupérez, Silver Medal in World Champs

Spanish Women's National Team, led by catalan coach Lucas Mondelo and with Leonor Rodríguez and César Rupérez has won the Silver Medal in the World Championship in Turkey losing in the final against USA 64 to 77.

Spain has finished this World Championship with the best classification in the history  after a game to remember in which they played probably the best team of all time.

Spain, under the direction of Lucas Mondelo closes a magical circle with a Gold Medal in European Championship and a Silver Medal in a World Championship.

The Spanish team debuted in the World Cup with a superb victory in Group A for 50-74 before the disciplined Japan, which has already passed on the tour and that swept after the break. Lucas Mondelo team showed no signs of nerves or anxiety in a first shock.

The concentration and fluidity in the game of Spain brushed perfection. The anxiety of a debut conspicuous by his absence and Lucas Mondelo managed 10 rebounds more than the Japanese, also causing 21 losses. The team proved intractable back, leaving Japan at 4 points in the third quarter. Rotations and rhythm were magnificent in the Spanish.

The second day Spain was a hurricane that passed over Brazil, winning 83-56 and securing its presence in the knockout stages.

Selection smothered Brazil through increased activity. The cariocas endured the first quarter by 6 missed free throws by the Spanish team, but from the second could not handle the mobility that burst Spain to Brazil with his defensive activity that drowned the Brazilian attack.

Spain joined the third consecutive victory in the first round against the Czech Republic 67-43, with a great defense and rebound control and demanding a jam party, which was broken in the second quarter. The victory got directly to the set of Lucas Mondelo in the quarterfinals, thus avoiding the knockout round.

Spain's defensive adjustments and rebound control (10 more catches) leveled from scratch handicap in centimeters. The Czech Republic would exploit their foreign posting, but nothing went to the seriousness and intensity behind Spanish. The 23 losses from Spain, who stole 13 balls and took almost 20 assists, was one of the thermometers victory.

Quarterfinals against a China that also yielded to the Spanish defense roll the game 71-55 led by, who broke the shock in a great first half. Spain stole many balls and ran smoothly on track to make win the rest.

Spain's defense was again book. In the first two quarters collapsed any defensive aids penetration and quick hands of Spanish painting completely closed to China, leading rival 10 steals and 12 losses. 20% from the field overall Chinese remained in a perfect first half of the Lucas Mondelo after leaving China in just 17 points. In the second half Spain maintained the intensity and focus to close a new solid-deserved triumph.

In finals, expected host Turkey in a tough match in which they learned of Lucas Mondelo suffer, Spain managed to win by 66-56 to Turkey and became the first finalist of the World.

Spain ended his participation in the World Championship in Turkey falling defeated in the Final against the United States by finishing 64-77 in the highest ranking in history after hanging the silver medal in a match to remember in which he competed before which is probably the best women's basketball team of all time.

The percent initial success in the United States was from another galaxy. The best team in triples championship launches ended up imposing their law from distance with the confidence that was also master the rebounder section. 90% start in two-point shots, 43% from three and an aggressive defense taponaba production pathways Spain an insurmountable marked difference from the first quarter against the European Champions.

Leonor Rodríguez scored in the final 3 points, 1 rebound, 1 assist for +5 efficiency, +8 doing a partial to Spain with her head in the 3 minutes he played.

César Rupérez once again, doing follow-up work to the team, has been one of the key pieces to the defense of Spain is one of the most important assets to reach the final.

Spain closing a magical history cycle with the European Gold and World Silver.


In addition to the World Silver Lucas Mondelo takes this World Turkey an record hard to match. Sorting is the most consecutive wins in the history of Spanish basketball.

Lucas Mondelo strung together 16 straight victories in official matches since losing to Sweden in the pre-European 2012 in Alcobendas. A defeat that "blood would wash" France at EuroBasket 2013 where he did not lose a game. Fatter streak starting in Nordlingen (Germany) with an initiatory victory is considered the seed of the best women's team of all time able to conquer European Gold and Silver in an unforgettable World cycle.

Spain, with Lucas Mondelo the front, has 2 wins consecutively joined the pre-European in 2012, 9 in France EuroBasket 2013 and 5 in the World 2014 A spectacular run that exceeds 11 consecutive victories by the men's Pepu Hernández World between 2006 and EuroBasket 2007.

If you also compute the friendlies Women's Coach brings unparalleled streak to levels almost as defeated in their last 32 games yielding only 31 friendly match held in France on the eve of the EuroBasket 2013 to the hosts home.

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