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Lucas Mondelo and César Rupérez win their 3rd consecutive Chinese League

Spanish coaches Lucas Mondelo and his assistant César Rupérez have won for the third consecutive time the Chinese Women League (WCBA) with Shanxi after winning the fourth game of the final against  Beijing, 70 to 72.
Shanxi won the Finals 3 to 1 against the powerful team of the capital of China that had Britney Griner in their roster.

Riu Hanxi Flame came to this fourth game of the final playoff of WCBA after losing the first game of the series in Beijing, and win the next two played at home. In a very exciting final, the girls managed Lucas Mondelo definitive win this match by 70-72, noting as usual the forward Maya Moore, who finished with 35 points, 16 rebounds and 34 valuation.

Shanxi and got a "three-peat" historical, coinciding with the three seasons of Lucas Mondelo and César Rupérez as assistant coach and team. In this third season, have also outperformed rivals adversity that the League itself established as normative. So all season, Shanxi has failed to have an Asian player in their squad, a situation that was itself permitted in the two previous seasons, where Japanese Yuko Oga was the computer base. Nor were able to have Maya Moore in the last quarter of the games the team played against against teams integrally formed with Chinese players, as was the case in the semifinals against Bayi, also by a curious rule adopted by the League this year.

Lucas Mondelo thus closes a new historic season, which has added a silver medal in the Women's Spanish team in the World Cup in Turkey, and this new title of the WCBA. After these successes, which accumulate the title of Eurobasket 2013 and the Euroleague, Spanish Women's League, Cup and Supercup already had the Spanish coach Mondelo already prepared to face a new challenge: the Eurobasket 2015 in Hungary and Romania Female Spanish national team

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