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Lucas Mondelo and César Rupérez win the Chinese Regular Season

Spanish coaches Lucas Mondelo and César Rupérez achieved today an important with against Heilongjiang 119 to 75 that gives them the first position in Chinese Regular Season with an extraordinary balance of 19 wins and just 3 losses.

The Playoffs will start next Tuesday in Ningbo against one of the army teams, Bayi, who finished in eight position and Lucas Mondelo has also been selected as head coach in the Chinese League All Star that will take place next Sunday the 9th in Daquing.

César Rupérez was the first to arrive to Taiyuan in October the 1st and one month later Lucas Mondelo also arrived to work together during a preseason that included three friendly games against an american team with some former WNBA stars like Chamique Holdsclaw or Chasity Melvin.

The regular season began in November the 17th with a very nice ring ceremony as 2012-13 WCBA Champions and with the first win, against Bayi 90 to 67.

Already in the third game, Shanxi got a very important win at Zhejiang, the biggest favourite to win the championship, beating them at their court 78-83 with 44 points and 52 efficieny of Maya Moore.

After getting the win in all the first 8 games, in the ninth game Cambage´s Beijing arrived to Taiyuan and again Mondelo and Rupérez team got a great win with 46 points and 63 efficiency by Maya Moore.

Four days later arrived the tenth win in a row, against another great team like Shanghai with 43 points and 58 efficiency by Maya Moore and a wide margin 103-79.

After beating Heilongjiang and again Bayi, Lucas Mondelo and César Rupérez team made history again matching with 12 consecutive wins the record in all history of China in most consecutive wins in WCBA.

Only a food poisoning didn´t allow them to beat the record and Shanxi lost in Liaoning 66 to 71.

Back into Taiyuan and again against powerhouse Zhejiang and a new victory for Shanxi 82-66 starting a new 6 game win steak that put them with 3 wins of advantage over Beijing and Shanghai and with an unbelievable 18-1 record.

In the last part of the regular season, the team had two of the most difficult away games against Beijing and Shanghai (2nd and 3rd) losing clearly in Beijing and also losing in a close game in Shanghai.

Finally the last game of the regular season was here and Shanxi had to win to keep the first position and the home court advantage during all the playoffs.

Mondelo y Rupérez played an awesome game against Heilongjiang (7th) beating them 119-75 and also breaking the record for highest score of any team during this season.

Next tuesday a very difficult playoffs will begin and they will have to first eliminate Bayi in Quarterfinals and later in Semifinals probably Griner´s Zhejiang will wait, the biggest budget by far in the competition and also last year´s finalist.

If they manage to advance after this series, probably the finally would be against the winner of Beijing (Cambage) against Shanghai (Fowles).

However, every big journey starts with just one step and step by step they will fight to try to repeat the unexpected success that they had last season, not having again the best roster.

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