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Lisa Karcic will play in Zamora (Spanish LF1)

Lisa Karcic, 1.85m Croatian forward has signed a professional contract to play for Zamarat, in Spanish 1st Division during the 2011-12 season.<p>
Lisa, who is an american player with croatian Passport, will arrive to Zamora after playing a few weeks ago the European Championship with Croatia and reach the fifth position (best in Croatia´s history) after defeating Spain, Latvia and Montenegro among others.

Despite not having a lot of playing time in the first matches, Lisa Karcic achieved to be the starting power forward in the last two games, playing 29 minutes in each, scoring 9 points and grabbing 7 rebounds against Latvia and scoring 3 points and grabbing 8 rebounds against Montenegro.
Lisa Karcic played for Villanova in her college career, averaging 12,2 points and 4,9 rebounds in her best season (2007-08).

After a brief time in Limassol (Cyprus) in the 2010 summer, Lisa signed with Leonas de Ponce in Puerto Rico, averaging 14,4 points 14,8 rebounds and 4 assists per game.

Lisa Karcic signed with Keravan in the 2010-11 season, in Finnish top division, averaging 18,6 points 12,1 rebounds 3,3 asissts  and 5,5 steals for 22 in efficiency per game.

Lisa was the game leader in steals, third best passer, fourth best rebounder and fifth top scorer, receiving a league honorable mention.
Once the Finnish league was over, Lisa signed with icelandic Keflavik just to play the playoffs, averaging 10,8 points and 12,8 rebounds per game and winning the championship.

Lisa Karcic is a player who plays hard and has a nice outside shot and who can play both the 3 and the 4 position, even though in Zamora she will have more playing time at the 3.

This will be Lisa´s first experience in Spain and she is happy to sign with Zamarat and is ready to help the team to stay in First Division.

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