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Lisa Karcic, almost triple double in her first game

Lisa Karcic played last Sunday her first game with Keravan in Finnish first division. Despite not being able to finally win the game, Lisa was a big contributor for Keravan with 22 points 12 rebounds 8 steals 6 fouls received and 26 in efficiency. 



The game was quite close in the first half, arriving at half time with two points adavantage for Honsu. After a strong third quarter for Honsu with a 18-5 run, Keravan tried to go back to the game but finally couldn´t, losing 71 to 59.

Honsu, as always, was led by their dynamic duo.  Dionne Pounds, international finnish player with american background was the game MVP with 21 points 9 rebounds 9 assists and 8 recieved fouls for total 33 in efficiency.  Margaret Roundtree was also a key piece with 21 points and 10 rebounds.

Margaret Roundtree , after finishing her college career at Gardner-Webb, is having in Honsu her first european experience and is currently averaging 15 points and 8,7 rebounds per game.

In Keravan, the american with croatian passport Lisa Karcic was the best player with 22 points 12 rebounds 8 steals and 6 recieved fouls for total 26 in efficiency.
Lisa Karcic has just arrived to Finland after averaging 14,4 points and 14,8 rebounds per game with Leonas de Ponce in Puerto Rico.

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