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Leonor Rodriguez and Miriam Forasté with the Spanish National Team

Leonor Rodríguez and Míriam Forasté are concentrated with the Spanish National Team in the second mini concentration this weekend is celebrated in Torrejón de Ardoz for the next World Cup in Turkey under the command of Lucas Mondelo.

On Saturday afternoon we talked with them and then we leave the video interviews.

Leonor Rodríguez is incorporated to Spanish National Team after being last summer one of the last discards for European and after successfully completing his tour of four years at Florida State and later sign a solid season in Perfumerías Avenida whom he proclaimed champion of the Queen's Cup and Spanish SuperCup in addition to the Women's League after averaging 8.4 points and 2 rebounds in 22 minutes per game in the domestic competition debut in the Euroleague after averaging 6.7 points and 2 assists per game and falling in the Top 16 against Galatasaray who later became European Champion.

Interview with Leonor Rodríguez:

Míriam Forasté returns to the Spanish team after that in 2011 won the Gold and Silver in 2010 with the U20 team. After completing two seasons with Universidad del País Vasco, the latter in Women's League in which he averaged 12.2 points and 5.7 rebounds per game, proving to be one of the best "four" of the competition.

Interview with Miriam Forasté:

In the website lokosxelbaloncestofemenino.com also published a video interview with Lucas Mondelo present in this mini concentration of Torrejón de Ardoz.

Interview with Lucas Mondelo:

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