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Leonor Rodríguez: “We will need to maintain focus for the forty minutes"

Leonor Rodríguez continues her good form with Spanish First Division League leader, Perfumerías Avenida, averaging 8.8 points and +8.6 efficiency in just 21 minutes per game, with impressive shooting percentages 57% from the field, 34% from the three point line and 89.5% from the free throw line.

Perfumerías Avenida has excellent momentum because they are on an incredible streak of 16 consecutive wins in Liga Femenina and in the semi finals of the Queen's Cup they will face the current Spanish Supercup Champions, Uni Girona.

The Canarian guard knows what it means to win this competition having won the last two Cups with Perfumerías Avenida.

We speak with her a few days before the competition started:

Perfumerías Avenida will face Uni Girona in the Queen's Cup semi final. Your opponents have won 5 out of their last 6 games and have recently added new players, Chrissy Givens, Italee Lucas, and Artemis Spanou has recovered from her injury. What is your impression of Uni Girona and what do you think will be the keys for winning the game?

I think that Uni Girona is enjoying good momentum because they won important games including in the Euroleague and they have also added two Americans and Artemis is back. These new signings make the team more dangerous and harder to beat because now they play faster.

The keys for winning the game will be to maintain focus for the forty minutes and not to give them room to breathe because Girona is a fast team that can create difficulties running the fastbreak.

The game will be evenly matched and it is going to be an entertaining spectacle for all women's basketball fans.

Your Perfumerías Avenida is amazingly strong in the Spanish First Division League after achieving 16 consecutive wins and you already have beaten Perfumerías Avenida's all-time record of consecutive wins. Nowadays, how is Salamanca's team?

My team is good, the best thing is that we are competitive in all the games and the new signings are bringing us more experience on the court.

Now we have an entire week without travelling, so we will be able to practice and to prepare for the Queen's Cup, and at the same time, a little bit of resting at home is always good!

The Canarian guard is having a great season averaging 8.8 points in just 21 minutes per game and moreover, being the most loved by Salamanca's supporters. Leonor, a few days before the start of the Queen's Cup, how are you feeling on the court and what are your expectations for this competition?

The truth is that I am feeling so well and I am happy with my season, both in Liga Femenina and in Euroleague. The best thing is that I am feeling confident and comfortable when I am on the court.

I face this competition with a lot of excitement. I have already won it twice but I would love to win it a third time in a row. But for that, it is clear that we must be focused at all times, we can't relax at all during the entire eighty minutes!

In your career you have already won two Queen's Cups, what would it mean for you to win a third in a row and for Perfumerías Avenida?

For a professional basketball player, winning a title is always a dream come true and brings a lot of joy, so if I win a third consecutive Queen's Cup, I will be so happy.

For the Perfumerías Avenida it is always important to win titles, but I think even more important for the 500 fans who will come to cheer us on. If we win, the title is for them!

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