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Jose Blázquez, new player for Baloncesto Sevilla

The 2'00 small forward, born in 1997, Jose Blázquez, has become in the new Baloncesto Sevilla player, where he will play next season in his U18 and EBA team. Jose played the last two seasons for Baloncesto Torrelodones and he was champion of Europe with the Spanish U16 NT in the summer of 2013.

After confirming his signing with Baloncesto Sevilla, we talked with Jose Blazquez about his present and future.

How is José Blázquez as a player?
I consider myself a hard worker and very active defensive player. I'm still young and I have many years to improve and keep working hard. Now I have the opportunity to continue to improve in Sevilla and I want to do my best to work as hard as possible and improve.

What value do your step Torrelodones these years?
It has been very very positive. I have had very hard times and bassoon, but I've also had very good times. I learned a lot there, I have taught and I've grown a lot as a person and as a player. It has been an amazing experience.

What do you take and how it has grown in Torrelodones José Blázquez?
As I said before, these two years have grown Torrelodones player and person. I have had people who have supported me, my coaches, my teammates. The truth is that it was a very positive step these two years and I have many things to be thankful, because I have taught not only as a player but as a person, and this step has been a very good experience in my life

And now in Sevilla, what you think you can bring to the team next season?
I am very excited about the arrival in Sevilla. I have an overwhelming desire to work hard every day. I hope to bring you much team in both attack and defense, and also in intensity and all that you can. I want to progress as much as possible.

These past weeks have been concentrated with the U17 team, with ultimately not you go to the World, what was the experience this year with the selection?
It was a shame to be discarded at the last moment, but I have had an experience of fifteen amazing days with both peers and coaches. It was a unique experience. Having got there is a big illusion, and hopefully we can keep going there many years and continue to work for it.

Do you think your colleagues will repeat the success of last year with the U16?
To my colleagues who are going to play the Dubai World wish you all the luck in the world. I wish to reach as high as possible, to compete and enjoy the experience. I was fortunate enough to experience it last year, and another year for sure that it is a unique experience and an opportunity to seize.

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