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Jill Bell, new SR Lima Horta player in LF2 in Spain

The 1'83 american power forward, Jill Bell, has been incorporated into the SR Lima Horta of Women's League Second Division in Spain, and she will debut this sunday 5th of october against Stadium Casablanca.


Jill Bell is a powerful 1'83 american inside player who after a career at the University of Washington very solid and has had her first European experience in achieving impressive numbers Women's League 2 in Spain.

Once her college career with Washington Univ, Jill Bell was hired by Canal de Isabel II Coslada, the powerful team of Spanish second division (Liga Femenina 2). It quickly became the player of reference of the team and now with more minutes extends her good numbers.

In 29 minutes per game, Jill Bell averaged 12.4 points, 11.8 rebounds (third highest rebound of the league) and 17.5 valuation (ninth most important factor in the league) with 50% in field shots.

Jill emphasized especially in some games like against Alvargómez with 23 points, 16 rebounds and 35 valuation; 15 points, 21 rebounds and 30 valuation against Alcobendas; 20 points, 16 rebounds and 34 valuation against Estudiantes, subsequently promoted to 1st Division; 24 points, 21 rebounds and 44 valuation against Universidad de Ferrol; 16 points and 21 rebounds against Zamora or 19 points, 25 rebounds and 37 valuation on lap against Alcobendas.

See Jill Bell profile and video

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