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Jennifer Harris almost triple doubles in Pabellon Ourense┤s win

Jennifer Harris gets 18 points 7 rebounds 3 assists 4 steals  10 fouls received for a total 23 points of efficiency.


Pabellón Ourense  achieved this past weekend its second victory of the season (the first was a long time ago win against Conquero 69-66 , October  the 25th) after a disastrous streak of thirteen defeats in a row  that had them in the last position of the league with only one win in 18 games.

The rival was again an entity team , Carlos Hidalgo´s Isolux - Corsan Alcobendas, one of the positive "surprises" of the season, who before the game was installed in the fourth position in the league, virtually qualified for the playoff promotion and ahead of favourite teams like Pio XII, Bembibre or  Burgos.
Jorge Gonzalez´s girls  started the match well, opening  a good gap in the first quarter (24-14) and keeping the distance during the second, earning a 12 points difference to go to the locker room (37-25).

As it was predictable,  Alcobendas improved after the break and with a 11-15 a partial stretched the scoreboard, although the  local team was able to resist and scoring  21 points in the final quarter didn´t allow Alcobendas to overcome, finishing the game with a 69-58 win for Ourense.
After arriving to Ourense four games ago, Jennifer Harris performance has been improving from game to game and the same has happened with  the reliability of the team.

The first two matches were widely sold off two losses to good teams like Pio XII and Badajoz. The third ended with victory by ABDA but shortening the points difference and in the last one finally Pabellón Ourense could get the second victory, which together witth the defeat of Aros ties them with the Galician team and makes them closer to avoid the last position which would mean going to third division.
 Isolux Alcobendas did not have  one of their  best games, being overplayed  in rebounds (34 to 20) and turning over 28 balls, too many to get the victory. Besides not being able to play Marta Blanes, one of their best players, their best rated player, Eetisha Riddle, who came to be MVP of the day in the last game with 22 points,  16 rebounds and 42 efficiency, had  a mediocre game, getting only 9 points and 4 rebounds for a total efficiency  of 7 points.

After the first four matches, Jennifer Harris is averaging 14.5 points 5.2 steals  5 received foulds and  4.5 rebounds per game for an average efficiency  of 15.5.
Young Latvian player, Ieva Kulite, in her third game with Ourense, got 4 points and 8 rebounds in 15 minutes, helping her  team to achieve the victory.

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