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Jazz Covington impacts in France (D1)

As she proved last season in Spanish Sedis Cadi where she averaged 16 points 7,2 rebounds and was the fourth best player in efficiency in the league just behind Sancho Lyttle, Erika de Souza and Shay Murphy,  american power forward Jazz Covington is having a big season in French first division team Union Hainuat with 15, 1 points (45,5% from the field and  40,9% in three pointers) 5,5 rebounds and  1,6 assists per game.


Jazz has started year 2011 impressive, scoring  22 points (3/3 from the three point line) 4 rebounds and  6 recieved fouls for 21 in efficiency against Tamera Young and Jennifer Humphrey´s Basket Landes and  18 points and 11 rebounds in the win against Euroleague Tarbes, scoring again 3/3 from three point range.

Jazz Covington, in her second year in a top level league is having a great season (only one game below 10 points in four months) and is being the leader of  Union Hainaut in their first season in first division , helping the team to reach 6 wins in just 12 games.

Currently, Jazz Covington is the seventh top scorer in the league.

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