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Itziar Llobet and Olga Ruano lead Femení Sant Adrià to the top in LF2

Itziar Llobet and Olga Ruano are having a sensational start to the season with Snatt's Femení Sant Adrià and after winning last Saturday in Almería are in first place in Group B with a record of 4 wins and zero loses.

Olga Ruano is again being one of the best five of the competition, averaging 12.8 points and 6.8 rebounds per game +15.8 efficiency, while Itziar Llobet is contributing 10.5 points per game and +9 efficiency with a sensational 50% from three (7/14).

Snatt's Femení Sant Adrià's season began with a valuable victory at home against one of the favorites for promotion, Rivas Promete (64-55) and then beating other teams like Olímpico 64 Colegio Santa Gema (48-77), Picken Claret ( 80-74) and Syngenta CB Almería (45-66).

For Olga Ruano this is her eighth season at the club and continues to progress in her game as evidenced by her 12.8 points and 6.8 rebounds and +15.8 efficiency that is already exceeding her 11.6 points 6.3 rebounds and +12.7 efficiency of the last season.

The Barcelona’s center is in the top eight most valued players of group B of Liga Femenina 2.

Olga has played well especially against Olímpico 64 Colegio Santa Gema with 18 points 10 rebounds finishing with +22 efficiency and against Picken Claret with 13 points and 6 rebounds +18 efficiency.

On the other hand, Itziar Llobet has greatly improved her previous numbers in her last experience in LF2 at Universitario de Ferrol with 10.5 points and 2.5 rebounds and 2 assists per game and now she is one of the best outside players of group B.

Itziar has played well against 64 Olímpico 64 with 10 points, 2/3 3pt and against Picken Claret scoring 16 points with again 2 threes.

After being close to playing in the playoffs last season, the Femení Sant Adrià will attempt to qualify for the playoffs for the fourth time in its history and will do so with Olga Ruano and Itziar Llobet as cornerstones.

SYNGENTA C.B ALMERIA 45 - SNATTS FEMENÍ SANT ADRIÀ 66 - Olga Ruano (13p/7r/+15val) - Itziar Llobet (11p / 4r/6fr /+11eff)  (24.10.2015)

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