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Interview with Roger Vilanova (CB Granollers EBA player)

Roger Vilanova, born 1987, is one of the most promising point guards of his generation and, despite his youth, and has become one of the most important players EBA League, getting all the possible titles last year with the CB Olesa.


What assessment do this particular season start?

We're growing as a team and think we're going to more. We had a home with some doubts. Even if we were some who played together in Olesa, the team never stopped being new. We are now much more settled and the arrival of Michel Diouf has been an injection of talent and incredible physics. Perhaps the leap in quality that we needed Hernan Olaguibe once had to leave the team. So far we have won all home games, which is important, because to win in this league is not mission impossible. We got in Sant Feliu a complicated victory. A particular level, I think I started well enough, with an important role and quite comfortable, but after I lost my tonsils a little security. Slowly I regain that level.

What do you expect this season as the team you play?

Win many games. I think there is equipment to do so, especially starting with securing the home games and go on to compete in the outside to try to also add. I have had the chance to go to a team of very good people and a lot of chemistry between us, with which this season also hope to enjoy playing with them and live each week with this group. It is also very balanced in terms of staffing youth and experience, and I think that young people can greatly improve your oral skills with them. In my case every day try to take example on and off the track of a large basis as Romà Cutrina that has been around in this category.

What do you expect at this particular season?

Bring everything to be asked to win games. I think being a team player and that is what I have signed, so I will continue. Also, try to work hard aspects that have weaker as the outside shot, the physicist, the concentration ... and go picking up more experience in the category, especially noticing the examples I have in my own colleagues. But mostly I'm a guy who loves going to win and suffer more defeats, and come from a Olesa year where we won almost everything there was to win, and I spoil them.

What would you say are your greatest virtues as a player?

I think being a pure base, which makes playing the team with a lively style and fast. I like to try that all the comrades who have played with me are happy to have done and want to do it again. That to me is a clear signal that the base has done well: that their colleagues have been comfortable playing with him. Apart from this, I'm also adding a bit of everything: defense, rebounding, rhythm ... In attack attempt to take my boat and my middle-distance shooting 1c1 or playing the pick and roll and just complicate life.

And what they more you improve?

I guess the outside shot is what matters most is costing me. I worked hard in the middle distance shot after pot but the 3-point shot is the one that is costing me improve, I think as a matter of mind and confidence. I am also trying to step forward to allow me to physically confront powerful base or bases to take advantage with less physical.

What has been the best game in your career?

Any major victory as one of the two leagues that I won in Catalan Olesa EBA or the day when we won promotion phases. I usually keep in my memory more than wins big shots at lower levels, for example.

A dream ...

At the level of basketball, enjoy it for many years and be useful on the computer where you are.

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