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Interview with Richard Damus (EBA Cosehisa Monzon player)

Richard Damus arrived to Spain with his brother Carl in 08-09 season, when he played in CB Quintanar. This year, this american small forward already plays in Monzón in EBA.


What do you think about this first weeks in this season?
Well within the first weeks of playing the comptition has been good as a team we mange to pull out some wins and lose some close ones but within it all ive been enjoying myself.

What do you expect this season as the team you play? 
Like any team we expect to have a wining season and make it to the elite four, but its important that we take one game at a time and continue to grow as a unit and become better players to help reach that goal.

What do you expect at this season for yourself?
To grow indivdually as a player in this level so i can be better prepared for next level higher.

What would you say are your greatest virtues as a player? 
It would have to be having to except the style of play here and learning how to adapt to situations here.

And what do you think that you must to improve?
Defense and learning spanish lol!!!

What has been the best game in your career?
I have yet to have accomlished my greatist game ive had some good ones but im still working hard and improving daily, and gain respect , and maybe when i get to that point i can answer but my main focous is to improve so i can become a better winner.

A dream... 
To play at the top level where ever it may be

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