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Interview with Mikheil Berishvili (Aridane EBA 2'02 small forward)

Mikheil Berishvili is a 2'02 forward Georgian born 1987, who despite his youth, is already a full international with Georgia, and have been in the NBDL and LEB Silver with CB Prat Joventut.


What do you think about this first weeks in this season?

I really enjoy playing basketball in this league. The first weeks of this season lets us size up other teams, also giving us better understanding of our strengths, and weaknesses as a team. As the season progresses we get more experience and we learn from our mistakes committed in previous games, thus improving them from one game to another.



What do you expect this season as the team you play?

We have already played with several teams in the league and as I see most of the teams play on the same level as us. It is still the beginning of the season and I think our team has a great potential to become a champion. Unfortunately we lost several close games, but we have to move on psychologically and learn from the mistakes we committed in them.  We have to improve every game we play and on every practice and if we will do that, we will be able to become champions.



What do you expect at this season for yourself?

For myself I expect to excel in every aspect of the game through hard work. I have always been dedicated to practice, trying to evaluate all the lapses that I might have and working on improving my skills. I expect myself to be in the best shape I can throughout the season to help out the team to win the games not only by my game but also encouraging everyone on practice and competitions, also being one of the role models on and off the court.



What would you say are your greatest virtues as a player?

I would say it is my will for success. I try to be the best at what I do and strive for success in every game and practice.



And what do you think that you must to improve?

I think I should be more physical on the court and so far I am working on it in the weight room trying to strengthen my body to be ready for more physical games in the future.



What has been the best game in your career?

This takes me back to Tbilisi, when we were playing against an undefeated team in the league on their home court. We needed the win to be able to play in playoffs and as a team leader I knew I had to play the best of my game. 2:15 seconds left in the fourth quarter and we were down by 2 points. I was able to hit 3 three pointers in a row and had 2 block shots and we were able to overcome the team for their first defeat in the season. I think that was one of my best games because of its gratitude of getting a seat in playoffs.



A dream...

I think every basketball players’ dream is to play in the NBA. I am no different, because I set my dreams and goals very high. I have been taught that if you easily reach your goal that means that you haven’t set it high enough and you’re underestimating yourself. Thus I always try to be the best at what I do, and I don’t get lazy to practice hard to make those goals reachable. Before making it to NBA I want to excel my game to the higher level, want to be one of the best players in the league, help the team to win the championship to take those steps to make it to NBA. 


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