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Interview with Marco Antonio Justo (Celtas Foz coach)

Marco Antonio Justo is the current coach of Foz Celtic 1st National Division in Galicia, where he also performs the role of coordinator. A young coach with a great desire to improve the previous season as an assistant was Tacoronte in EBA and is looking his way as a professional basketball coach.


What assessment do this particular season start?
The start of the season has not been very good at performance level all the circumstances with which we are working, since most of the senior can not train regularly on labor issues and we can only do a workout together. Still we are getting more and hope to continue. With the other teams work is still good although we are left at the gates in both male and female junior to join the best league in Galicia. The girls have been only 4 points for being in this league.

What do you expect this season as the team you train?
What I hope with the First National is the end of the year we are a better team than when we started training. The team's goal is to save and give everything in every game and training. For now we are on track to that goal of improving as a team, but in the aspect of results we are not being reciprocated. I'm sure the work will pay off.
What I hope is the Junior women we get to be a team in capital letters, because we have girls from two different clubs and by the relationship we have to achieve is that unify all and be a team. For now we are on track and we'll make it. Another objective is that the players are better at the end of the season and understand the sport. To achieve this it is essential to consider the first goal and as a result end up being better in all respects.

What would you say are your best strengths as a coach?
I think those things do not have to say them myself, but I must point out something about me as a coach is to manage the group. I believe that at talking to players at all times and to convey what I think and what I want from them. I think that is the key to making the most of each player.

What has been the most of your coaching career?
I enjoy every game but I can not keep one in particular. I have had many matches where I've had to face different situations and take different decisions. If I have to stay with one, by environment, by tension, meaning the party, etc ... I'd stay with one of the first year I trained. It was in cadet category and was the first time a club team got into a league semifinals. There was a great atmosphere in the stands and the tension was palpable everywhere and if you join so that was my first year as coach because imagine. I remember like it was yesterday despite having spent over 10 years. In the end we lost but still I keep talking with players of that year and they also remember that game like me. Since then there have been many different sensations.

A dream ...
Well, I am fulfilling my dream, that being professional is what I like best, coaching basketball. Of course not, I want to stay there and I want to keep progressing and growing as a coach in all aspects: experiences, team goals, the club they belong to, etc ... very clear and I'm going to keep working for it. After me there will be other factors that allow it or not, but everything in my power I will do.

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