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Interview with Lucas Mondelo and César Rupérez

Spanish coaches Lucas Mondelo and  César Rupérez won for the third consecutive time the Chinese Women League (WCBA) with Shanxi after defeating Beijing in the 4th game of the final 70 to 72.

Shanxi won this way the powerful team from the capital of China, which counts among its players with Brittney Griner.

Lucas and César tell us their experience:

Good Lucas. After getting the third consecutive title in China, overflowing happiness has to stay in first. Today's headlines only say: "Mondelo and Rupérez make history" How Lucasy Cesar live these moments of splendor?

Lucas Mondelo: From the tranquility, and with great satisfaction, has been very hard, and this award is tasted better, I think this season in china, has made us grow as coaches.

Cesar Rupérez: I'm very glad I got another title. Satisfaction is high because it has been a tough season but we worked. I am very proud that our team has grown to win the title track top seed, Beijing.

We can say it was a magical cycle for the team, Shanxi Rui Flame, and their trainers (Lucas Mondelo and César Rupérez) after winning the third game of the final (70-72) What has been the biggest factor consider in this win and especially in this comeback?

The main factor was the mental toughness that has allowed us to adapt to any situation that would pose, and in the background, arrogance Beijing thought that basketball boxing instead, we could win.

César Rupérez What has been the most positive contribution that has managed to convey Caesar Mondelo and equipment?

I think we complement each other very well and we take this for the good of the team.

I always try to help players feel comfortable giving them the tactics and technical solutions that seem appropriate. Especially try to feel our confidence in them.

In the recent history you were the team to beat adding that you were not among the bets to lift the title and bring you the tournament because of the potential that had other teams. In addition, we enfrentabais a great player as Brittany Griner. Putting on the table all these factors, how Lucas faced coaching the final four games against Beijing?

We had played 6 times during the year (4-2 in favor) so we knew well.

Beijing was a monothematic basketball, could only play "it" and only game you can assert but in a series of 5, you have to change, evolve and they could not. The goal was to win one of the first 2 games in which they develop to their full physical potential.

Tactically, the idea was very, pressure areas and only vary the drawing of the same, in every game.

Three seasons and three titles won. A proven track record with this triplet in WCBA with a team that arrived three years ago from the 1st division verily, what has strengthened and changed since then on that team?

Although every year we lose players, it is true that additions adapt quickly and we have maintained a core having their identity and style.

The team every day is bigger in his charisma and their capabilities. Besides, the Chinese rely more and leave us more leeway, the first year it was crazy.

Achieved the target with another title in China, palmares of Lucas Mondelo is also enviable, unbeatable, what new purposes are presented to the coach now that the EU is about?

My palm, only serves to have good memories and offers. The shirts do not win matches, hunger and sweat itself.

The new challenge of course is to classify Spain for the Olympic Games Rio de Janeiro 2016, in Europe in Hungary, then we'll see, I have the option to continue in China, but not ruling anything out, I'm a professional that will move challenges and projects.

It was Luke Mondelo the hardest title, How Rupérez this challenge has lived so close?

Was undoubtedly the most difficult title. The first part of the season was tough, as well as new regulations that harmed us clearly, we had new players who had to adapt to team play.

We lacked strength as such, but with the arrival of international Yi JanJan in the TOP 4, the team began to show stronger.

After winning the title, how the environment you live in China? Have people dump both the team and with the club?

The arrival from Beijing to Taiyuan has been spectacular. There were many people waiting at the station to celebrate the title with us since very few people moved from here to see the final game in Beijing.

The hotel has also received us with welcome gifts to congratulate the title and we have several events in the city to celebrate the title with our fans.

Everyone is very thankful and proud that we have achieved the third title of the WCBA for a small city like Taiyuan and for such a young club like Shanxi Rui Flame

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