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Interview with Lluís Túnez (Fem. Sant Adrià LF2 coach)

After several seasons as an assistant, Lluís Tunisia leads this year Femení Sant Adrià de Liga Femenina 2. For now, the home could not be better. Catalan League Champions and undefeated in Femenina 2 Liga Femenina 2. <p>
What assessment do this particular season start?
So far my assessment is very positive because despite having to put together a team with many new players, with the time that this requires, we have been winning games and in turn time to continue growing the team. Also I am lucky to have a pretty healthy group of people so far sensations are good. 

What do you expect this season as the team you train?
A group level to form a team, because we have many new players from different backgrounds. A level results framework I set a goal long term but we must go step by step to achieve a level of play that allows us to take credit for any team in our league. If we succeed it is clear that we can fight to try to return to the upstroke as in the previous two seasons but now the short-term objectives are to stand any chance later. 

What would you say are your best strengths as a coach?
For better and for worse for having spent many hours of my life to learn the different areas of the sport. The ambition of wanting to be well understood better and learn more each day as well as the desire to be extremely competitive and a perfectionist in every detail. 

What has been the most of your coaching career?
The best game is yet to come. 

A dream ...
Continue to improve day by day, that are still a lot to learn.

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