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Interview with Juan Carlos Arrarte (Alcoy Women Team Coach)

Juan Carlos Arrarte coaches this season in the Women Alcoy 1st National Division. After many years in Akra Leuka initiate a new adventure.


What assessment do this particular season start?
A level team is helping us to learn from everyone, since there are many developments over the past year in all areas. In the competitive part of pre-season tournament of the federation (League Valencia, where we were runners-up) was very useful to us in this aspect and also start to see shortages. 

What do you expect this season as the team you train?
Initially, an adaptation of the players to a different train. Understand and value the kind of training. Similarly, in the competition must compete to get the result with all computers accessing the first phase and the second with the fewest possible losses to qualify to enter the stage of promotion to women's league 2. 

What would you say are your best strengths as a coach?
From my point of view, a coach has no virtues or defects. Or, conversely, all coaches have (and will) strengths and weaknesses. The difference between them is that you like what you do, the dedication, the interest in understanding more ... This is what I think is important and what I try to always keep. 

What has been the most of your coaching career?
The competition is only a part of my job. A very important of course, but a part. I do not like "putting on my Sunday clothes" and put aside everything that happens during the week. Why could not customize in a game. I think my teams have very good games and I'm proud of it both as good practice. 

A dream ...
That time, dedication and passion that many coaches bring to their work being rewarded and recognized as such.

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