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Interview with Juan Carlos Arrarte (Alcoi Women Team Coach)

Juan Carlos Arrarte is the coach of the current leader of the National Women's 1st Division, the Alcoy, in which everything points to fight for promotion to Liga Femenina 2.


After more than four months of racing Alcoi CBF continues undefeated in Women's 1st Division. What is the secret?
It is true that so far we have competed very well against the teams of Valencia and Castellon. We have the best defense, fitting more than 150 points the next team and have scored just one point less than the best attack so we can say that with the rivals in this first phase we have met quite well on both sides of the track. In all matches four or five players have spent ten scoring and all have worked on defense, so I think the whole group is involved with options in the game. Should be assessed the team now consists of six senior and three junior players (one of the first year).
What has been the hardest part so far?
We are a team that can look over your shoulder to anyone (even I allow it) so all we had to be in a certain way on the track to compete. Although we were going to major casualties, the party in Valencia at Marist cost us a lot because they were always struggling. That and the two games against Claret are surely the most competitive on the scoreboard.
After this initiation, promotion to LF2 "is a real target?
The club is an objective not lost sight of. Our work is, good sport, going as far as we can to facilitate the leap that is none other than economic. We now have a second phase where we met with teams of Alicante and Murcia and from which of the eight teams, three will be those who come to the stage of promotion to women's league two. We must strive to be one of those three.
What do you think was the best team in this home?
The turn the page from last season. Although very successful athletically, we ran the risk of the comparisons and the teams are very different in composition with only four players to repeat, so I'm very happy with the attitude of repeat and new and junior.
And that you must improve to end the season like?
Then we cover the best possible low Estela Ferrer (who joined a few days ago by Tenerife women's league 2) into a template already very short of staff. We have plenty of room for improvement in the defensive and toughness around the basket and in the distribution of useful space in attack. The attitude toward the train will give us the best of our ability.

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