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Interview with Joel Romeu (EBA CB Granollers coach)

Joel Romeu is a catalan coach with over 25 years experience as coach. Following up with Navas went from 3rd Catalan Div to 1st National Div and in recent years has become one of the best trophy in the benchs in EBA League, coaching the 2009-2010 season the CB Granollers.


What particular valuation do this season?
Excellent so far. We start with a reduction of 50% of the budget and that in part involved a change of 70% of the workforce. We made a shift to house players and also look for talent and character at the signings, the result of workforce planning and the daily work we managed to reach the top spot at the start of the second round, something unthinkable at the start of the then of course it cost us all together in computer and also a season where they have landed in Group C of EBA many good players.

What do you expect this season as the team you train?
Try to maintain this leadership position and if possible to the end. For this we go game to game without losing the north.

What would you say are your best strengths as a coach?
Although I think this question will be for others to answer ... I think the management of the parties.

What has been the most of your coaching career?
After 25 years coaching ... I think a Unió Manresana (generation 77) - FC Barcelona cadet preference. The Barcelona was proclaimed champion of Spain this season if they lose one game, only that we win at home.

A dream ...
Being happy ... and continue to enjoy training.


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