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Interview with Isaac Gibert (EBA Arenys player)

Isaac Gibert is a point guard born 1988 lives this season in his second experience with the Arenys Bàsquet EBA, after starting last season with Sedis.



What assessment do this particular season start?
I think the win-loss balance (0-5) does not correspond to the level that, in general, we are offering, for 3 of the 5 games we lost by minor differences and competing against top teams 
What do you expect this season as the team you play?
Everything went very quickly, is that in principle this season had to play in Copa Catalunya (1st National), but for various reasons the club has got a place in the EBA League. The team knows it will be a tough season and a high level (especially after removal of the LEB Bronze). Our objective is to permanence. We have enough equipment to compete with any team and save the category. 
What do you expect at this particular season?
One could almost say it's my first season in EBA league, so my main objective is to exploit the opportunities that the coach wants to give and, above all, minimize the team the most if the base note is on track is a Jordi Badia contrastadísimo as player or if I am. 
What would you say are your greatest virtues as a player?
I take very good speed to gain advantages in 1x1 and defensive intensity 
And what they more you improve?
Having played mostly small forward in lower grades and the wearing of a few years playing base, I have improved mainly in the control and reading the game and every situation which it occurs. Apart from this I also improving outside shot 

What has been the best game in your career?
In lower grades, I remember a game in the junior age on the runway Mataró Lleida in which I finished with 39 points ... I came around! 

A dream ...
Continue enjoying so far as this sport

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