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Interview with Helena Boada

Helena Boada is a 1.73m catalan guard born in 1987 who after arriving to spanish 1st división with Olesa Espanyol has already played three seasons at this level, averaging 8,2 points (third guard in scoring in the league) in 20 minutes per game during the 2009-10 season and winning the last two First Division Catalan Leagues.


What´s your evaluation about this last season?
It has been my best season since I play in Spanish 1st division. Not only statistically but it has been an important step in my madurity as a player and also in my responsibility with a team.  I think that it has been clearly shown in the second half of the season. I feel right now in the best moment in my basketball career.

What do you think that Helena Boada has improved in her last five years?
A lot of things, first of all my court vision and game understanding as a point guard, every year I think that I improve my game reading. Technically I have improved my ball handling, i´m a better passer and also I have improved my shooting both off the dribble and after a pick and roll..  I´ve learned a lot of things.. but a player never stops learning with a lot of work and perseverance.

Which do you think that are your strengths as a player?
I would say court vision, speed , agility to penetrate and also my versatility which allows me to play both the point and the shooting guard position.

Which has been your best game in your career?
I think that my best game was in the 2008/09 season. We were playing the second playoff game against Hondarribia Irun, trying to get a spot to play European competition next season.  We won after being losing by 15 points and I scored 18 points and had 24 in efficiency after 26 minutes.

Where will we see you next season?
It´s still early to know, but I´m sure that it will be in an ambitious team that wants to fight for big things.

A dream…
Since dreams are free, winning the Euroleague.. it would be something UNBELIEVABLE !!

View Helena Boada video highlights 09-10

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