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Interview with Durrell Nevels (EBA CB Navas player)

Durrell Nevels is an undersized power forward who averaged 8 rebounds and 2 block shots per game in NCAA Division 1 in 07-08 with Central Arkansas, and this season is playing with CB Navàs in EBA League in Spain.


What do you think about this first weeks in this season?
The fist couple weeks of the season where weeks for me to get adjusted to the europen play of basketball and to get to know all of my team mates and my coachs better.

What do you expect this season as the team you play?
This season expectations of my team is to make it to the playoffs and have a winning season

What do you expect at this season for yourself?
This season i expect to get better and to help my team win.... i also will try my best to learn spainsh haha while im here in  spain and also when i return back to the states

What would you say are your greatest virtues as a player? 
I think that im a good team player and i work hard every day to be a better on and off the court

And what do you think that you must to improve? 
I think i need to improve my shooting

What has been the best game in your career?
My best game of my carrer was my senior year at the unversity of central arkansas and i this game i grabbed 23 rebounds and scored 20 points and i also had a game my senior year of high school  hot springs high where i scored 25 points grabed 13 rebounds and blocked 10 shots

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