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Interview with David Marek (Obradoiro and Peixe Galego point guard)

David Marek is a czech point guard born in 1985, who in this moment is practising with Obradoiro ACB and playing in Peixe Galego in EBA League, averaging 21,8 points, 5 assists and 23,8 efficiency.


What do you think about this first weeks in this season?
The season is going ok so far. We won 3 out of 4 games I played with the EBA team and Xacobeo got the first ACB win the last weekend, which was exciting. So hopefully we will add more wins as well..

What do you expect this season as the team you play?
I expect to keep winning as much as possible with the EBA team, because I think we have a great potential with the players we have to compete for the top spots.

What do you expect at this season for yourself?
I expect to keep getting better as a player, working hard every day with ACB Xacobeo Blu sens, to be ready when i get the chance to play in ACB.

What would you say are your greatest virtues as a player?
I would just say I am solid point guard who tries to give his team the best chance possible to win. I don't care about personal stats, I just try to bring coaches philosophy on the floor and be a floor general.

And what do you think that you must to improve?
I have to keep getting better on defense. I have good basics from NCAA, but ACB is the step above so I just have to keep improving in that area. And just keep getting better as a point guard generally.

What has been the best game in your career?
Either game with the Czech U20 at European championship in Brno where we beat Spain in the group to advance in the quarterfinals and I had a game winning shot. Or my junior year in college where we beat our rival Indiana Fort Wayne in over time on the seniors night and I had 30 points.

A dream...
To play in ACB!

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