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Interview with Chus Fernandez (CB Prat B coach)

Chus Fernandez is a senior basketball coach born 1972, who this season coaching the senior "B" CB Prat team he has managed 20 wins in a row and is getting closer to promotion to 1st National.



20 wins in a row with the second team of CB Prat. What is the secret?
Not that there's secret. It is a goal that you plant in early season. The secret of any good team is working and go game by game. We must believe that every game is winnable, having a team philosophy. Must be raised every game like a final and win it. Logically it is impossible without talent to win 20 consecutive games in any league, and hopefully our players do.

It is not the first time you train a team to get that number of consecutive wins ...
The first occasion was the first year I coached the senior team, the BC Viladecans "B", the 2004-2005 season, when we got 34 wins in a row, then with the first team CB in 1st National Viladecans got 11 wins followed the 2005 season -2006 and this year we have gotten 20 wins with the second team of CB Prat and fighting for promotion to 1st National.

Chus Fernandez had played in the first team at guard CB Prat few years ago. What has changed that this basketball?
I played basketball, which was perhaps more technical than now. But now it is much more physical, more defensive, faster, more powerful and the players are bigger.

Before the games always put a video of motivation to all teams that train. How did the idea and what is the objective?
As a player, was an idea that I had and I would have liked to do before games. Choose a film fragments, moments of the season good or bad ... As the week is one way of motivating players to go with that point of joy and intensity that we always need. We try to treat every game like a final, because they convey the idea esque all matches are equally important.

After being as assistant to the LEB Plata last season as coach of the senior "B" CB Prat, what do you think is the main thing that young people must work for a "B" to reach the first team?
It is important that players have had technical training and have talent. And then of course a daily working attitude that makes them give the maximum in every workout.

There are only seven days of league and for the first time in history, the senior "B" can access CB Prat 1st National. What would that mean for the team and for the institution?
For the team would be a challenge that we set at the beginning of the season but we were a newly promoted and maintained the base last year. For a historic entity.

As a player, you were a great shooter. How do you think you're evolving as the first senior coach since you took the 2004-2005 season so far?
I think every time we work more defensive aspects. When I was was very offensive player and a coach too started with this philosophy and each time you put more weight on the defense to win, all within a team which must work both ways.

Where we will see Chus Fernandez next year?
We are still in March this year and I think it is too early to think about it, but I would love to continue his links with this project and dedicate myself exclusively to basketball.

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