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Interview with Chus Fernandez (CB Prat B coach)

After last year to combine the work of assistant with CB Prat Joventut en LEB Plata and coach with CB Prat "B", Chus Fernandez is responsible for leading the 2009-2010 season at CB Prat "B", with which he ascended 1 ª Catalana few months ago.


What assessment do this particular season start?
I think we are gradually improving as a team, we are trying to create good habits Tando defensive and offensive, taking into account all the work done last season. New players are adapting well, both Smith Polo as Jordi Boronat are working with great intensity and dedication to the team. The last block of the campaign is increasingly motivated especially after our three consecutive victories.

What do you expect this season as the team you train?
I hope to continue working as they are doing and even more continue to improve in all aspects that we could be working both individually and collectively. I would be on the top of the standings with an option to fight for promotion, because for the club, for players and of course for me would be a great achievement.

What would you say are your best strengths as a coach?
I think I am good at motivating players and mostly my attempt to give all possible confidence to develop their game without having fear of being wrong when they compete. Another virtue could be the passion with which they attempt to convey my passion for the game, almost whole part of my willingness to teach all that I learn every day.

What has been the most of your coaching career?
More than the game was the season he coached the Senior B Viladecans few years ago because we won all league games, 30 consecutive phases including 3 in the Championship of Catalonia, only lost the final but I sincerely believe that this season not ever forget it together the last season with El Prat B, which
being first in our group climbed the Second Catalana.

A dream ...
Belonging to the technical staff of the Spanish national team and participate in the Olympics ... and why not, be an Olympic champion.

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