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Interview with Alex Reina (CB L'Hospitalet B player)

Alex Reina is a small forward born in 1989 who has formed at CB L'Hospitalet. Paco Reina's brother, one of the best shooters in the EBA League a few years ago, the youngest of the Reina stands out for his technical capacity in the 1c1 and a very good shot from four meters.


What assessment do this particular season start?
Very positive at the team level. We started very well, with 3 consecutive wins, but from there, we had a bad run, but until late January, with great difficulty we managed to overcome and get 6 straight wins.
That speaks volumes to collectively and individually, so the assessment is very positive.
What do you expect this season as the team you play?
As the subsidiary of a team without much LEB Plata and budget compared to other teams in our category main target are the 15 victories, and from there, as we are ambitious, try to go for more.
What do you expect at this particular season?
Especially improvements in detail in the game and reading as required by the team in every moment of the match, both on the psychological and tactical.
Also try to improve my shooting percentage from three, and I think every time I have more confidence in that.
What would you say are your greatest virtues as a player?
I think the middle distance shot on the boat, a 1x1 fast with few boats, and defense. The latter is something that my coaches have influenced me in recent years, especially when passing from junior to senior, and consider it an essential part of my game, because if things do not go attack in defense you have to be
Well, yes and yes.
And what they more you improve?
I think in the physical. Personally I would like to improve my physical condition and be a more athletic player. So I think it is more difficult to curb. If I am physically well and fit, personally I notice and try to exploit more of my qualities.
If I am about the physical aspect, I feel much better and with more confidence.
What has been the best game in your career?
I would stick with two games surely Junior Championships of Spain Barakaldo. I remember it was the first experience in a championship like this, and Unicaja thrashed us in the first group game and was the first day of championship. The next match was against Pamesa Valencia, and I remember we had to win more than 30 points.
That was a great match, very exciting, and we did, we won and we could qualify for quarters.
But surely I'll take the last of that series, against students, that if we won we made history at club level. Statistically it was the best match I ever had. I finished that game with a triple-double in points rebounds and fouls received, and valuation +42. He felt that there was nothing left inside me and that he had given everything, but then has to make those numbers, it was unthinkable.
Now I look back and I'm very proud of it and yet I realize that what we did this year a modest team like us was amazing.
A dream ...
Being able to play above what she can get. Power play competition that will allow me my qualities. Dreaming is free and therefore aspire to the maximum.

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