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Ideal Quintet Tournament Villa de La Roda be called Regeneracom Sports

The Tournament Minibasket "Villa La Roda", held during 21 and 22 June, has grown over the years into a tournament of national importance.

SPORTS Regeneracom is strongly supporting the tournament and has made it possible to reach Skopje Partizan Vs La Roda.

As a collaboration between the two sides of the QUINTETO IDEAL OF VILLA 2014 RODA renamed QUINTETO IDEAL REGENERACOM SPORTS.
This growth has been possible thanks to the contribution of many individuals, businesses and institutions. On the one hand monitors all our College Basketball CP La Roda, to many students who volunteer each year to companies and institutions that help us to pay expenses, the Basketball Federation of Castilla La Mancha and its referees and City Hall, County Council and JCCM.

Throughout this journey, seventeen years now, has been adding people who bring their two cents to the pile gets bigger. One of the latest is REGENERACOM SPORTS.

Jaime Alonso, REGENERACOM SPORTS agent represents faithfully what Regeneracom Sports available to their customers and that can be summarized in "facilitate the promotion of their athletes and service clubs."

As a collaboration between the two sides of the QUINTETO IDEAL OF VILLA 2014 RODA renamed QUINTETO IDEAL REGENERACOM SPORTS. We do not know the names of the players who eventually integrate this quintet, but what we do know is that it will be incredible and delight us with their developments on the track.

This QUINTETO IDEAL REGENERACOM SPORTS of votes will be elected to make the coaches of the twelve participants in the 2014 VILLA equipment and shall consist of a base, two forwards and two pivots. Come on, a great team that we would be hard to beat.

Confirmed Teams Villa La Roda:

1 La Roda
2 KK Partizan Vodno Suns de Macedonia
3 Heidelberg de Gran Canaria
4 UCAM Murcia
5 Real Madrid
6 Asefa Estudiantes
7 Unicaja Málaga
8 Herbalife Gran Canaria
9 Sant Josep de Badalona
10 Stadium Casablanca Zaragoza
11 Valencia Basket
12 Colegio Pompiliano (Logroño)

The XVII Tournament Minibasket "Villa La Roda" shall begin on the day on Saturday, from 10.30am. The next day the quarterfinals, semifinals will be played, knowing the winner of the 2014 edition after the final which will take place at 19:30.

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