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Heta Korpivaara signs with RegeneracomSports

Heta Korpivaara is a versatile international 1.86m  finnish player with wide experience both in the USA as in Spain, where she is currently averaging  21,9 points 7,4 rebounds 5,5 drawn foulds and 22,9 in efficiency per game with an amazing  56,9% from the field playing for Universitario de Ferrol, currently in the top positions in Spanish LF2.

Apart from her career with clubs , Heta currently starts for the Finnish National Team , adding a lot of international experience to her game.

Heta´s career begins at  Etela Tapiola High School, where she averages 18,4 points and 7,3 rebounds in 2003, before moving to the States, where she joined Seton Hall.

Heta had a good first season at Seton Hall, being part of the Big East Freshman team and averaging 5,4 points and 3,4 rebounds per game in the 2003-04 season.

In the 2004-05 season and as a sophomore, Heta improved up to 7,7 points and 4,4 rebounds per game, shining with 20 points against Campbell or with 12 rebounds against Rutgers.

Heta averaged 10,1 points and 4,4 rebounds as a junior, with 17 points against Connecticut (Barbara Turner, Ann Strother, Renee Montgomery, Charde Houston, Kalana Greene and) Ketia Swanier), 18 points in the win  against Notre Dame and 25 points and 11 rebounds against Miami, recieving for the second time the leadershing and hustle award.

Once her college career was over,  Heta Korpivaara signed with  Gran Canaria in Spanish 1st division, averaging 2,6 points and 1,5 rebounds per game and also playing in FIBA Cup.

In the 2008-09 season,  Heta signed with  CREF Hola, averaging 17,5 points 4,7 rebounds 4,2 drawn fouls and 13,1 in efficiency per game, moving to Real Canoe in the last part of the season, reaching the playoffs and finally moving the team to 1st Division.

Heta Korpivaara returned to  CREF Hola in the  2009-10 season, raising her numbers  to  19,3 points 6,9 rebounds and 4,4 drawn fouls per game for  18,2 in efficiency per game.

In the  2010-11 season, Heta signed with Tenerife Aguere, averaging 17,2 points 6,7 rebounds and 15,6 in efficiency per game, almost reaching the playoffs to 1st division.

Heta Korpivaara is currently having her best statistical season in Spain, avareging during the 2011-12 season 21,9 points 7,4 rebounds 5,5 drawn fouls  22,9 in efficiency and 56,9% from the field with  Uni Ferrol, shining with 29 points and 30 efficiency against Arxil, 32 points and 38 efficiency against Uni Tenerife, 19 points 10 rebounds 10 drawn fouls and 25 efficiency against Aguere, 30 points and 36 in efficiency against Guadalajara, 22 points and 30 efficiency against Caceres or 27 points 13 rebounds 11 drawn fouls and 35 efficiency for the MVP against Ourense.

Heta Korpivaara has also been a key player in all the Finnish National Teams.

She averaged 12,4 points and 4,4 rebounds in the 2002 U18 European Championship and 20 points and 10,8 rebounds in the Qualifying Round.

In the 2004 U20 European Championship she aveaged 14,9 points and 6,6 rebounds per game, shining with 22 points 13 rebounds and 5 assists against Spain.

With Finnish Senior National Team and in the Qualifying Round for the different European Championships, Heta averaged 7 points and 3,8 rebounds in 2005,  6,4 points and 4,3 rebounds in 2007, 9 points and 5,1 rebounds in 2009 and 10,6 points and 4,5 rebounds in 2011.

Some of the best actions of Heta in the 2011-12 season can be watched in the following video:


2005-2006: Seton Hall (NCAA-D1): 10.1ppg 4.4rpg

2006-2007:  Seton Hall (NCAA-D1):

2007-2008: Gran Canaria La Caja de Canarias (Spain-LF1): 2.6 ppg 1.5 rpg in 14min

2008-2009: CREF Hola (Spain-LF2): 17.5 ppg 4.7 rpg 13.1 efficiency

2008-2009: Real Canoe (Spain-LF2): 9.1ppg 4.8rpg 8.9 efficiency in 22min

2009-2010:  CREF Hola (Spain-LF2):  19.3ppg 6.9rpg 4.4fr  18.2 efficieny

2010-2011:  Aguere (Spain-LF2): 17.2 ppg 6.7 rpg 15.6 efficiency

2011-2012:  Universitario de Ferrol (Spain-LF2):  21.9 ppg 7.4 rpg 5.5 fr  22.9 efficiency

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