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Helena Boada, Federation Cup Champion and MVP

Helena Boada won this weekend the Federation Cup after beating Joventut Les Corts in the semifinals and C.B. Cornellà in the final (60-51), being also the MVP with 25 points (7/11 from the field 1/5 in three pointers and 6/7 in free throws), 5 rebounds, 5 drawn fouls 2 assists and 2 steals for 24 in efficiency.

Helena Boada has also guided her team to the League´s first position, averaging 16,8 points 5,4 rebounds 5 drawn fouls and 17,3 in efficiency per game with a 10 win 3 losses balance.

After four seasons in Liga Femenina 1 and despite having different offers in that level,  Helena Boada decided to priorize her Engineering studies and after almost finishing her career she will go on Erasmus to Turkey at the end of January.

Helena Boada is a 1.73m catalan guard born in 1987 who after arriving to spanish 1st división with Olesa Espanyol has already played three seasons at this level, averaging 8,2 points (third guard in scoring in the league) in 20 minutes per game during the 2009-10 season and winning the last two First Division Catalan Leagues.

Helena played in Olesa until the 2003-04 season, before signing with C.B. Cornellà. She played the U18 Catalan Final Four where Cornellà had the third position and Helena had her best game with 22 points against FC Barcelona who had Silvia Dominguez and Anna Gómez.

In the 2004-05 season and in her last year as junior player, Helena stayed in C.B.Cornellà and averaged 12 points per game in the Catalonian Championship (where she was finalist) and averaged 17 points and 4,3 steals in the U18 Spanish Championship where she finished in 7th position and was named in the Second Best Five of the competition.

Helena Boada returned to Olesa once her junior years were over to play in Spanish 2nd division and already in her first season, she was an important player averaging 8,2 points and 7,5 in efficiency during 22 minutes per game.

Helena has her best season in Spanish 2nd division during 2006-07, averaging 8,1 points in 24 minutes per game and being one of the key players in Olesa qualifying for the playoffs, that would finally mean the access of Olesa to the Spanish 1st division. Helena was also member of the previous team for the U20 Spanish National Team.

Helena Boada played in Spanish 1st division during the 2007-08 season, averaging 5,3 points in 18 minutes per game and reaching the playoffs.

Her appearance at top level gave her the chance to play with the U23 Catalan Team and with the Young Spanish National Team. Olesa had again a great season in 2008-09 and Helena exploded in the playoffs, averaging 12,5 points (72% from the field) and 14,5 in efficiency in 26 minutes per game. Also, Helena won the Catalan League against Sedis Cadi, finished the league in European Position and had a brilliant performance in the Queen´s Cup, reaching the semifinals.

Helena Boada stayed in Olesa during the 2009-10 season, having a breakout year and averaging 8,2 points 2,3 rebounds and 3 recieved fouls for 6,7 efficiency average in 23 minutes per game.

Helena also won again the Catalan League being a key player after scoring 14 points in 19 minutes that helped to beat Uni Girona 75 to 70.

Helena Boada is a quality player that can play both the point guard and the shooting guard positions being real good at both positions. She is a talented player, with very good one on one and a great penetrator, skill where she uses her body to hang in the hair while her defender is already going down.

Also, and not being a specialist, she is not afraid of outside shooting and is a correct long distance shooter. Helena Boada is one of the fastest players in Spanish 1st division and that allows her to be a good defender and able to apply full court pressure against the rival point guard.

Lucas Mondelo, former Helena´s coach and currently Euroleague coach at Salamanca says about her: “ Helena Boada is a very ambitious player and technically she is a first level player, versatile and scorer who can play both point and shooting guard, with good game reading and very intuitive. Helena has a great ability to improvise, is not afraid of making decisions and her defensive improvement is directly related with her physical improvement. Also she is a very good team player.

Helena Boada signed with Obenasa Navarra in the 2010-11 season, averaging 6,2 points 2 rebounds and 2 recieved fouls for 4,2 in efficiency per game, shining against Extrugasa with 15 points and 22 in efficiency and with 17 points 4 rebounds 4 assists and 25 in efficiency against Sóller.

2005-2006 SET 96 – CB Olesa (Spain – LF2): 8,2ppg 2,8rpg 1,7apg 52,9%T2 7,5 efficiency in 22min

2006-2007 Nexus C.B.Olesa (Spain – LF2): 8,1ppg 2rpg 1,2apg 45,3%T2 5,9 efficiency in 24min

2007-2008 C.B.Olesa Espanyol (Spain – LF1): 5,3ppg 1,4rpg 1,3apg 44,8% FG in 18min

2008-2009 C.B.Olesa Espanyol (Spain – LF1): 3,9ppg 1,3rpg 1,4apg 45,5% 4,2 efficiency in 14min

2008-2009 C.B.Olesa Espanyol (Spain
– LF1 Playoffs): 12,5ppg 2rpg 2apg 72,7% T2 14,5 efficiency in 26min

2009-2010 C.B.Olesa Espanyol (Spain – LF1): 8,2ppg 2,3rpg 1,5apg 3fr 51,1% T2 6,7 efficiency in 21min

2010-2011 Obenasa Navarra (Spain-LF1): 6.2ppg 2rpg 2fr 4.2efficiency


2003 U16 Previous Catalan Team
2004 Third position U18 Catalan Championship
2005 U18 Catalan Championship Finalist
2005 U18 Spanish Championship 7th position
2005 U18 Spanish Championship 2nd Team
2007 Playoffs to move to Spanish 1st division
2007 Moved to Spanish 1st division
2007 Previous U20 Spanish National Team
2008 U23 Catalan Team
2008 Spanish Young National Team
2009 Queen Cup Semifinalist
2009 1st division Catalan League Champion
2010 1st división Catalan League Champion

Photo: www.esportfemeni.com

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