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Great start of the season for Egle Sulciute and her Sleza Wroclaw

Lithuanian international Egle Sulciute is having a good season in Poland and with 11 points, 5.7 rebounds and +11.8 efficiency in just 21 minutes per game and also adding her long experience on the court is helping Sleza Wroclaw to be currently in the third place in the Polish First Division league with a record of 8 wins and 3 losses.

Last Sunday, Egle Sulciute had another good performance with 11points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists and +14 efficiency, contributing to Sleza Wroclaw's victory against Sosnowiec (87-64)

The Lithuanian Power Forward is also having a good shot selection and in her debut in Poland she is averaging 52% from the field, an incredibly 48.8% in threes (21/43) and 75% in free throws.

We speak with her just few hours before her game against Polkowice:

Egle, after playing so many seasons in different European leagues and last one having a great season with the Lithuanian Utena (15.4 points, 6.7 rebounds and 3.2 assists in the LMKL) and also winning the Cup, this is your first experience playing in Poland. How you have adapted to this new experience and how are you feeling on the court?

I think my adaptation in Sleza Wroclaw was easy because my coach is Algirdas Paulauskas from my native Lithuania and also I have another teammate who is Lithuanian too, Sandra Linkeviciene. So literally, the adapting process was so easy. Although, I want to say that all the people who work in this club did everything fantastic since the first day, so I feel so comfortable in this team.

On the court also, I am feeling so good because Algirdas Paulauskas knows me so well and he knows what I am able to do while I play and take a good advantage from that.

Of course, while I am playing I am trying to do my best!

Sleza Wroclaw is in good shape currently in the third place and achieving eight wins in the strong Polish First Division league.  How is the season going so far?

Yes, we are doing great so far, maybe the other teams didn't expect that and we are the surprise of the season.

Right now just has passed half of the season and I want to keep with that good shape until the final and be able to play the Playoff.

The next game for Sleza Wroclaw is going to be really interesting because you will play against Polkowice, currently in the second place in the league.  What is your impression about this game?

This game won't be easy for both teams but I think Polkowice has some bonuses because the match will be at their home court, so they will have all their supporters cheering them up and also Polkowice wants the revenge because we defeated them in the first round of the league.

For myself I will try to do everything that I can to win this game.

After playing eleven years as a professional you have already played in your natal Lithuania (Lietuvos Vilnius and Utena), in Spain (Celta de Vigo and Perfumerías Avenida), in Italy (Lavezzini Parma and Club Atletico Faenza), in France (USO Mondeville), in Turkey (Galatasaray) and currently in Poland (Sleza Wroclaw), always in first divisions. Which league is your favourite and why?

Well, I must say that I have enjoyed in all the places that I played, but my favourite is Spain without any doubt. I played three years there and I am still missing that country, the food, the weather, the people that I have met there, etc. It is great!

Regarding the leagues, I think that every league is different and the level of course too, but I have tried to play as hard as I could in all the places that I have been.

You have won so many collective awards along the years, mentioning some of them, Lithanian LMKL in 2005, 2006 and 2007, Italy Cup in 2009, Spanish Supercup and Spanish League in 2013 and the most recently one is the Lithuanian Cup this current year. Which is your favourite and why?

My favourite title is the Spanish league in the 2012-13 season because was my first title as a foreigner player and it was in Spain, so for that was great!

Also, I hope that it won't be the last one!

After having so many experiences in different countries, there is little doubt your game and even your personality has evolved over the years. How do you feel now in comparison to your first years as a professional?

Nowadays, I am happy because after having two kids I am still playing in a such good league.

I think that everything has evolved in a good way and now when I am on the court I have more experience and I am comfortable. Now, I know and I understand much more the basketball compared when I started.

How have you adapted to the city of Wroclaw and to the Polish life style?

I think that Wroclaw is nice and it has a beautiful old town. I enjoy walking the streets and going shopping because Wroclaw has good malls.

Unfortunately, the weather is the same than Lithuania but the citizens are sweet, so I am feeling like at home!

Highlights Egle Sulciute 2015-16

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