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Georgina Bahí, the balance of Cadí La Seu

The power forward Georgina Bahí is again being one of the fundamental pillars of Cadí La Seu, averaging 6.8 points, 3.7 rebounds and +8.2 efficiency with an excellent 66% shooting from the field in 23 minutes per game.

In her seventh season in Liga Femenina, Georgina is already established as one of the best national "four" and returns to the team with Laura Gil and Tania Pérez, clear Cadí  benchmarks that made Perfumerías Avenida to reach the third game in the semifinals of Spanish League 2014-15.

Cadí La Seu began with a very tough schedule that included in the initial four rounds teams that finished the last season in the top six. However, you have got good wins against C.B Conquero Huelva Wagen at their home (53-69), Añares Rioja ISB (53-90) and Spar Gran Canaria (94-69), now you have 3 wins and 3 losses. How was the beginning of the competition for your team?

The beginning of the league was difficult because we had two losses in the first two games.

I think that was a result of having many changes in the team and to be still under construction but now we are finding our playing style and especially the defense, which is our main weapon.

With the victory in Conquero, we made a step forward and the consequence of that victory was that we started to find ourselves more like a team, playing better and winning more games.

After seven seasons in Liga Femenina and just being 26 years old,  you are an experienced player in this competition. What level do you think that the league have this year compared with previous seasons?

I think the league is much more equal than previous years because the teams have been reinforced very well with both national and foreign players who come here and do performances with good numbers.

This year any team can beat another, as already demonstrated in the first day that the newly promoted beat the reigning champions at home, so there is no better team than another, everyone can be up or down.

Last year you qualified for the Queen’s Cup at the end of the first half of the season but the organising team Rivas played instead of you, do you think that your team have options to play it this year?

I think there are still many games left in the first half of the season and we know it's complicated by the fact of having already three losses but our intention is still keep working and growing every week and every game and try to play it. Hopefully we can get in!

This year repeat in the team Tania Pérez (8.2 points, +6.8 efficiency) and Laura Gil (10.7 points, 5 rebounds, +12 efficiency) that were the key of the success of last season. In addition, you have incorporated important players like Belén Arrojo (7.2 points, +7.3 efficiency) and Mireia Vila, coming off a great season with Ferrol. What do you think that they can collaborate these new players in the team?

I think the new signs are very successful because all of them help the team.

Our game is different from what is usually played in the Spanish League, especially in defense and new players always need a little more time to adjust.

However, Belén and Mireia are gradually getting to understand our way to play and I think that they are going to contribute a lot and they are two very successful additions to our team.

Last year the team was characterized by a very aggressive team. How would you define your playing style this year?

This year we want to try to follow the same way that we started last year.

At the start of the league it took a while to start to play in our way, because we had new players but I think that it is being a while working to enhance our strength, which is the defense. We are in the right direction!

This season you still are an important player for the team and also you were it last year, where you achieved the best classification of the club's history. How are you and what do you expect of this season?

This year I'm doing more “dirty" work at the court and I feel comfortable with this role. It is a good feature of me.

This season we have a lot more rotations of the inside players, because we have new centers, so the minutes are more divided on the court. The good thing is that when you go in to play you can give 100% of you all time.

The truth is that we are all very excited to have a great season and bring a lot of joy to our fans.

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