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Georgina Bahí signs with Cadí ICG Sofware

Sedis Cadí has announced the signing of Georgina Bahí for the 2012-13 season, joining Cristina García, Andrea Oravcova, Tania Pérez, Marlou de Kleijn, Aja Parham and Mia de Ciman as confirmed members of the new roster.

Georgina Bahí is a young catalan post player who despite her age has won many awards with catalan and spanish national teams and also has already three years of experience in Spanish 1st division , where she arrived after reaching two second division playoffs and winning two LF2 catalan leagues in a row.

Georgina started playing basketball in Dominiques de Salt and she played with the catalan team that won the gold medal in the U12 spanish championship in 2001.

Georgina moved to GEIEG where she played her U13 and U14 years, won the Catalonia U13 Championship and also won the U14 Spanish Championship both in 2002 (being one year younger) and 2003.

Later, Georgina recieved a full scolarship to study and play in Siglo XXI during four years, having her debut in Spanish 2nd division when she was fifteen and averaging 7,6 points 5,3 rebounds and 8,3 in efficiency in 25 minutes per game as U17 and finally 8,5 points 6,4 rebounds and 10,9 in efficiency as U18.

Georgina won two gold medals with the catalan team in the U16 Spanish Championships in 2004 and 2005 and she also was Scholar World Champion in Poland in April, 2005.

In the 2005 summer, Georgina Bahí played with the U16 Spanish Team and won the gold medal in the U16 European Championship in Poznan after averaging 5,8 points and 2,5 rebounds in 16 minutes per game, having a great game against Russia with 19 points in 25 minutes.

Two years later, in the 2007 summer, Georgina played the U18 European Championship and won the silver medal, averaging 4,1 points and 3,3 rebounds in 15 minutes per game.

Once she finished her time in Siglo XXI, Georgina Bahí signed with Femení Sant Adrià, in spanish 2nd division, and averaged 9,9 points 5 rebounds and 10,1 in efficiency in 26 minutes per game during the 2007-08 season, helping Femeni Sant Adria to win the Catalan League against Uni Girona and to qualify for the Playoffs to 1st division for the first time in the club history.

In the 2008 summer, Georgina Bahí played the U20 European Championship in Italy, finishing in fourth position and averaging 5,1 points and 4,4 rebounds in 19 minutes per game.

Georgina stayed in Femeni Sant Adrià in the 2008-09 summer, improving her numbers and averaging 10,7 points and 7,9 rebounds for total 14,5 in efficiency in 28 minutes.

Again, she won the Catalan League and second year in a row the team played the playoffs to 1st division being Georgina the best ranked player in the team.

In May 2009, Georgina Bahí played with the senior catalan national team the 2nd Nation Tournament where she finished in third position.

Georgina played the U20 European Championship in the 2009 summer, winning the silver medal in the U20 European Championship and averaging 6,6 points and 2,7 rebounds in 14 minutes per game, shining against Germany with 19 points and 7 rebounds.

In the 2009-10 season , Georgina Bahí decided to sign with Argon Uni Girona to play in Spanish 1st division, sharing the frontcourt with Kaayla Chones, Petra Stampalija and Astou Traore and averaging 3,4 points and 2,1 rebounds in 15 minutes per game in a team that had a good season, finishing in fifth position in the Spanish League and finishing the Catalan League in second position.

Georgina played with the Catalan National Team in April 2010, getting the gold medal in the Third Nation Cup played in Durango.

Georgina renewed in Girona in the 2010-11 season and again improved her numbers, averaging 5,2 points 4,4 rebounds for 5,4 in efficiency, shining against Perfumerias Avenida Salamanca with 14 points and 5 rebounds.

In October 2010, Georgina played and won the Catalan League in 1st Division.

Georgina stayed in Uni Girona in the 2011-12 season, winning again the Catalan League.

Georgina Bahí is a inside player with real nice low post moves and also with good shooting hand from mid and long distance.

Also Georgina understands the game real well and is a good passer.

She has improved every single year and always works hard to refine her game.


2004-05: SEGLE XXI (Spain - LF2): 2,8ppg 1,4rpg 1,8val in 11min

2005-06: SEGLE XXI (Spain - LF2): 7,6ppg 5,3pg 1,4br 8,3val in 25min

2006-07: SEGLE XXI (Spain – LF2): 8,5ppg 6,4rpg 1,4br 10,9val in 25min

2007-08: Femení Sant Adrià (Spain – LF2): 9,9ppg 5,0rpg 10,1val in 26min

2008-09: Femení Sant Adrià (Spain – LF2): 10,7ppg 7,9rpg 14,5val in 28min

2009-10: Argon Uni Girona (Spain – LF1): 3,4ppg 2,1rpg 1,2val in 15min

2010-2011 Uni Girona (Spain-LF1): 5.2ppg 4.4rpg 5.4efficiency

2011-2012  Uni Girona (Spain-LF1)


2000 Spanish Champion U12
2001 Catalan Champion U13
2002 Spanish Champion U14
2003 Spanish Champion U14
2004 Spanish Champion U16
2005 Spanish Champion U16
2005 School World Champion 2005 Gold Medal in U16 European Championship in Poznan
2007 Silver Medal in U18 European Championship in Novi Sad
2007 Catalan LF2 League Champion
2008 Playoffs to Spanish 1st Division
2008 Fourth position in U20 European Championship in Italy
2008 Catalan LF2 League Champion
2009 Playoffs to Spanish 1st Division
2009 Third Position in II Nation Cup
2009 Silver Medal in U20 European Championship in Gdynia
2009 Silver Medal in Catalan League
2010,2011 Fifth Posicion in Spanish 1st Division
2010 Third Nation Cup Champion
2010,2011 Catalan LF1 Champion

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