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Georgina Bahí: Reaching the playoffs would be a deserved reward to our work

It is said that every effort has its reward and Miguel Angel Ortega´s girls do not give a step back in their fight to reach the playoffs after beating Rivas Ecópolis 69 to 53.

Bahí, who scored 14 points in the first 5 minutes of the game, finished with 23 points 6 rebounds and +21 efficiency in 27 minutes, being a crucial player in a Sedis Cadí that overwhelmed Rivas from the first minute of the match with their high tempo pressure style of game.

Cadi La Seu also found good contributors in Hind Ben Abdelkader  (15 points, 5 rebounds and +17 efficiency), Tania Pérez  (9 points 4 rebounds and 4 assists) and Marlou De Kleijn  (2 points and 5 rebounds).

We spoke with Georgina Bahí about her great individual and team performance:

Round 20 brought Rivas to La Seu and they were coming from getting the win in their last three games, including Girona and Conquero, ¿Did you face this game with some doubts despite having won at their court some months ago?

We knew it would be a difficult game because they came from playing well and getting important wins.  But we also knew that if we started the game strong and we would run hard and defend very aggressive, we would have a lot of options to win the game.

From my point of view, these were the two keys to the game and why we succeded to win it.

Usually playing at home gives some advantage to the local team, especially in La Seu.  However, did you think that you would get an easy win?

I agree that playing at home always gives you a head start but we still had to start very strong because we knes that if we didn´t, it would be a close game until the end.

We played great agressive team defense which gave us options to be able to run and get our first gaps in the scoreboard.

Though make no mistake, we had to work hard as they did not give up, trying to get back into the game.

As you said, the first quarter was totally dominated by your team (26-10) specially with your 14 points in 5 minutes and with also the performance of your teammate Hind Ben Abdelkader.  

Did you feel comfortable enough at that point so that most of the team offense went through your hands?

We all started the game very focused and with our responability about what we had to do.

It is true that both Hind and me started the game scoring easily but in our team
there is always one or another player who steps us to score.  

In this game it was us but that is always the result of the whole team´s work.  All of our players made a great effort and moved the ball very well.

Normally when teams play hard and together there are good results.

After losing against Zamarat, getting the win against Rivas was crucial for Sedis playoff options.  How did you face the stress of needing to win this game to have your options intact to make the playoffs?

After losing in Zamora we knew that we had seven key games left but that we had to go game by game.

Rivas was the first one and we really wanted to play well and get the win to go to the next game.

The concentration and focus in our team is always high because we are used to practice every day in this way. Obviously some days we make our shots and other days we don´t, but the work and the heart are always there.

Some of the game reports speak  of your leadership in this game to lead your team to the victory.
Used to be always in winning teams (Georgina has always been in teams that finished their seasons in the Top 6 during the last 8 years), what do you think of these words?

(Laughs) Well players are more successful in some games than in others and Saturday was one of those days in which I also could benefit from the good work of my teammates and get many looks and felt comfortable shooting the ball.

It doesn´t happen every day but when it happens you must make benefit from it, especially to help your team to win.  Basketball is a team game.

Next Saturday you are playing Gernika Bizkaia in probably the most important game of the season.  If Sedis would win this game, you would have 2 wins and the average over Gernika with only 5 games left to play. 

How is your team preparing for this game?

We see saturday´s game as a very difficult one because Gernika is a great team and they have proven that in their court they are especially strong.  Even they lost easily this week with Girona, we know that our game will be a completely different one.

I expect it to be a very physical game and we will have to work very hard if we want to try to get the win.

However, playing hard is what we do every day in practice and I´m sure that we will do it against Gernika too.  It is going to be a great game for both teams.

Finally, how do you think that you will feel if Cadí La Seu will reach the League Semifinals?

If we are able to make the semifinals, it would be a well-deserved reward to all the hard work that we put during the whole season and to the big team chemistry that all of us fuilt.

There are still six games so we are close to it and we can dream about getting that nice reward.

We will fight to get as far as possible because we believe in this team and what we are doing.

In the following video you can watch the whole game, Cadi La Seu 69 - Rivas Ecopolis 53:

Pictures: Agustí Peña

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