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Georgina Bahí and Tania Pérez will play the Superliga in Argentina

The power forward Georgina Bahí and the small forward Tania Pérez will play the Argentinian Superleague and the first phase of the South American League this May and June with Deportivo Berazategui.

Berazategui is one of the top teams in Argentina, and last year they qualified to the semifinals of the South American League 2014. The argentinian club is coached by the spaniard, Juan Ferreira, who has decided to hire as two foreign places the catalans Bahí and Pérez. Both players did a very good season with Cadi La Seu in Liga Femenina in Spain, where they were semifinalists.

Bahí is an inside player with 1.89 of height and 25 years, who has acumulated a great achievements in his career and for several seasons he has achieved a foothold in Liga Femenina in Spain, always integrating teams that have been positioned at the top of standings and she has also played with several Young Spanish National Teams, obtaining the U16 European Championship in 2005 and the U18 European and the U20 European finalists in 2007 and 2009.

Pérez is 23 years old and 1'83 small forward, who reached the Liga Femenina in the 2011/2012 season and since then she has continued playing there, being the Cadi La Seu hes team in the last four editions. Also she has experience in Young Spanish National Teams, and she won the U20 European Championship in 2011.

The team of both players, Cadi La Seu, qualifyied this season for the playoff semifinals of the Liga Femenina, where they won one game against Perfumerias Avenida, but falling 2-1 in the third game. Bahí finished the League with an average of 7,8 points and 3.6 rebounds per game, while Perez made 6,7 points and 3,4 rebounds.

The best match for Bahí was against Rivas (23 points, 6 rebounds and 21 efficiency), while Tania Pérez ended shinning against Perfumerías Avenida (14 points) and Conquero (16 points and 14 efficiency), both finalists in the Cup.

Georgina and Tania will arrive in Buenos Aires on Wednesday April 29th and they will debut in the Superliga Argentina on Friday May 1st at home against Talleres. The first phase of the Sout America League will play from 15 to 17 May in Valparaiso (Chile), where hthey will face off against New Crusaders (Chile), Malvin (Uruguay) and UTE (Ecuador).

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