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Elena Bueno to CB Igualada and Chema Albaladejo to CB Cartagena

The forward Elena Bueno finally will play in the CB Igualada, 1st National Women's Division, which team will try to form a competitive roster to fight for promotion to LF2, while Chema Albaladejo will play his first season as a senior at CB Cartagena, also from 1st National Division, in this case Men's Division, coming from a junior Real Madrid.


Elena Bueno is a 1'76 forward after completing a brilliant career at lower levels, takes several seasons by signing very good numbers in the 1st National Division (Copa Catalunya) and getting the 2007-2008 season being the second most valued player of all the competition.

Elena was formed in the late Universitari of Barcelona, passing through their ranks and achieving numerous titles such as Junior Championship in Spain in 1999 (Sevilla) or Junior 2nd place in Spain in 2000 (Ferrol) where she had significant involvement.

In senior category, Elena has played eight editions of the 1st National Division in Catalonia, participating in the stage of promotion to LF2 in 2005 and made her debut in the LF2 with BF Viladecans in 2006.

Chema Albaladejo returns to home
Chema is a 1'91 point guard born in 1990 who can also act as shooting guard, and that in the 07-08 season has played in Real Madrid junior and 1st National Division, in addition to debut at the U20 Tournament.

Albaladejo was formed in the CAB Cartagena, which was being EBA League debut at first-year junior season at 06-07.

The highlight for a player of great vision and play a good ball handling, plus a shot more than acceptable.  

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