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Elena Bueno and Nuria Minguet remains unbeaten CB Igualada at 1st National Div

Elena Bueno, with 19 points, 12 rebounds and 6 faults received to 25 valuation and Nuria Minguet, with 24 points, 7 rebounds and 7 faults received, were keys to a new victory in the CB Igualada in 1st Women National Division in Catalonia.


Second match and second win. The Resir Reus presented in Les Comes of Igualada as a rival to take into account after beating Mataró where was the return to a 1st National Division.

The match took place with a great equality in all its partial. At half time, the Igualada of Xavi Gonzalez ordered by 39-34 on the scoreboard, having to grapple with the good sense Anna Folch scorer (17 points at the end) and the good work of the three players who play for Senegal Reus (Faye, Diam and Sarr).

Igualada entered with six points advantage to the last quarter but managed to close the Reus up 72-68 and dispose of up to two more attacks to cut the difference. However, do not and can not get them the hand trembled, sentenced the game from the line of free throws.

For Igualada, in addition to the usual collective work, as almost always stressed Nuria Minguet, who with 24 points (9 / 10 on free throws), 7 rebounds and 7 faults received totaled 29 valuation and the new addition this season, Elena Bueno, that achieved a double-double with 19 points, 12 rebounds and 6 faults received for 25 of valuation. Also highlight the good work of the young Elia Vives that plugs with 5 blogs and 22 valuation against inside senegalese players.

With this win, the CB Igualada remains unbeaten and hand of Minguet and Bueno will attempt to add its third win in next Saturday in CB Cornellà field.

C.B.IGUALADA (79): Bausili (6), Marín (-), Júlvez (6), Minguet (24), Icart (8), Torra (1), Freixas (-), Bueno (19), Vives (14)

RESIR REUS (74): Busqueras (6), Faye (6), Diame (12), Reguant (-), Bernal (-), Borrell (2), Sarr (11), Folch (17), Casellas (14)

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